Michael Ballack bites the bullet and steps onto the housing ladder!

Ollie Irish

5th, February 2007

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Ballack_4Back in September we told you that Michael Ballack was having a whinge (shocking, we know) about the cost of houses in Britain. The Chelsea midfielder refused to pay £4 million for a mansion in Surrey he had his on eye on.

It seems the German has now decided that his £130,000 a week salary can withstand the hit and has purchased a £5.2 million mansion in Wimbledon. Why £5.2 million is more reasonable than £4 million we have know idea, but we do know that Chez Ballack is reported to be so big that there is an indoor fountain in the reception area! [Rob Parker]

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1 Comment

  1. joe says:

    C’mon footballers are just like the rest of us.