Football GIF: Fernando Torres Puts On Intricate Dribbling Masterclass vs Steaua

Chris Wright

8th, March 2013


By Chris Wight

Bumble bumble bumble *fart*…

Truth be told, Torres had a bit of a stinker all round last night, with the moment he decided to play as an auxiliary Steaua sweeper rather than lashing one home being a personal lowlight…

We still rate Torres rather higher than most but, Christ on a cocktail stick, it’s getting harder and harder to defend him.

There should’ve been no other thought in his mind other than to get a shot away when handed a chance like that and yet still his first instinct was to try to palm off the shooting responsibilities to someone else.

It’s like he’s utterly terrified of failing. We can’t think why.

(Via 101GG)

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  1. p says:

    Chris, maybe he’s terrified of failing because he’s not that good? Hasn’t been for years. You must be stuck in 2008.

    Strong rumours that he’s the one who was instrumental in bringing Rafa in, too. Brilliant Torres is.

  2. tipo 00 says:

    why doesn’t he kick the ball at the goal anymore?

  3. Nnamdi says:

    Torres is good,chelsea should play 433 and 442,to make best of El Nino.

  4. Mario says:

    Fernando Torres needs a fast paced counterattack to succeed. It’s that simple, any other way, just isn’t as effective. Liverpool still plays the same style with Gerrard at the helm, and look Suarez is now the benefactor. Torres does not fit in with Chelsea, and won’t fit in another system like that. He game relies on the counterattack and a fast pace only.

  5. C says:

    As a bitter Liverpool (Blasphemy!!!)fan, I still orgasm by schadenfreude every time I see one of these “bad” Torres posts.
    Best sale in Liverpool history. They should be charged with robbery tbh.
    Or maybe Chelsea should stop throwing money around, either way works.

  6. Zam says:

    You rate him higher than most what?!

    Kids who’ve never seen a football before?

  7. sleeba says:

    C says:
    March 8, 2013 at 5:14 pm

    As a bitter Liverpool (Blasphemy!!!)fan, I still orgasm by schadenfreude every time I see one of these “bad” Torres posts.

    …and I shit a brick everytime he’s on the team sheet.
    Being a bitter Chelsea fan.

  8. brownie says:

    @C to be fair, $35 million for carroll wasn’t the best piece of business either though!

  9. Jesus says:

    As a bitter Arsenal fan..I hope he gets more minutes on the pitch till the end of the season!

  10. Jesus says:

    #Top4Finish #WeStillBelieve #LordHaveMercy

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