Football GIF: Samuel Eto’o Capitalises On Clanger Dropped By Schalke ‘Keeper Timo Hildebrand

Chris Wright

6th, November 2013


By Chris Wright

Britain Soccer Champions League

After dallying on the ball for what seemed like an absolute bloody age, Schalke ‘keeper Timo Hildebrand was still somehow taken by surprise by Samuel Eto’o’s marauding charge, with the veteran striker capitalising on the dalliance to to duly open the scoring for Chelsea…


Believe us, that truncated GIF does not do the absolute lifetime that Hildebrand spent weighing up his options before clacking the ball off Eto’o’s outstretched foot and into the back of his vacant net!

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  1. Jarren says:

    Some keepers think that a ball is legally theirs for as long as it takes.

    Once it’s on the ground mate, it’s anyones.

    Tough shit.

  2. Per says:

    Etoo looks like a cheetah hunting down his pray!

  3. Chris B. says:

    What goes through these keepers’ minds? This is not missing a save or mishandling a cross. Those are physical errors, they happen. But seemingly once a month, a goalie lays the ball down and shuts off his brain.

  4. Wilson says:

    My dad used to tell me that all goalkeepers have a bit of crazy in them (Lehmann was 100% crazy). This Hildebrand chap here just proves his point.

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