Football GIF: Ramires’ Dastardly Dive Saves Jose Mourinho’s Unbeaten Home Record

Alan Duffy

9th, November 2013


By Alan Duffy

Anything Ashley Young can do, Chelsea’s Ramires can do better! With the game almost over and Chelsea losing 2-1 to West Brom at home, the Brazilian went down in the box after Steven Reid brushed off him. It was quite obviously not a foul yet Andre Marriner still gave the spot-kick. Eden Hazard fired home to keep Jose’s unbeaten Premier League home run on track but really, this was awful, from both Ramires and Marriner. Surely it’s time to bring in retrospective bans for diving?


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  1. JoeT says:

    How the fuck is this a dive, it was soft and he went down easy but Ramires is weak and small and Steven Reid is twice his size and Ramires was of balance anyway

    • Siddhardh says:

      You don’t watch football that much.. dont u…:P
      It’s a dive. Who the fuck cares if he’s soft or small or weak for that matter,, he started diving towards the defender hoping for a contact later.

  2. Fnarf says:

    I’m sorry you are confused by the nuance of the game, Joe.

  3. JJM says:

    More like utter stupidity on the part of the defender.

  4. dc says:

    He was absolutely looking for it but this isn’t even close to a “dive.” Conning the referee, maybe, but not a dive

  5. DOOD says:

    @theworld Last time I checked football was a contact sport! For a foul to occur usually a challenge of some sort has to take place. Reid doesn’t even make a challenge, Ramirez is half way to ground before anyone is anywhere near him. Its clear his plan A,B and C is to fool the referee into thinking a foul has occurred. This mentality is too often rewarded by referees. Consider what Reid’s actual offence is here? What are we telling defenders? We are on a slippery slope to a netball style sport where the defenders only option is to intercept. CONTACT DOES NOT EQUAL FOUL!!!! Pathetic. Robust, fair defending is to be applauded and celebrated like any other skill in football. It is however nigh impossible in the current climate.

  6. ano says:

    not a dive?? people are u blind?
    look at his right foot before the contact with the defender..the wind
    was too strong

  7. Yasir says:

    If you people are justifying this, you are shameless Chelsea fans or don’t understand football. He is already going down. It is not a penalty. Maybe it is not a traditional “dive”, but it is by all means Cheating. It is just as bad as what young did last week.

  8. Ryan says:

    9.5 9.8 9.4 3.1

  9. Shiva says:

    The ones saying it was not a dive are for sure Chelsea fans, I as a neutral saw the match and yes it was a dive, and WBA did deserve the full three points. Cheater Ramires

  10. Hype says:

    Utter rubbish! Can’t believe the ref was just a few meters away yet he awarded a penalty. Bring drs to soccer.

  11. Fnarf says:

    There’s that “Fnarf” who’s not me again @2.

    Ramirez started falling before contact and in fact fell onto Reid in order to draw the foul. Not a penalty. Ridiculous.

  12. JJ says:

    @ano: I see what u mean about the right foot, but I really think that was his brake mechanism.I sometimes do that in 7aside and it confuses the defender.Well played by Ramirez I say,and am saying this as a neutral, as would have loved Chelsea to have lost this :/

  13. mpribs says:

    Absolute disgrace! Contact sport? Up for debate, apparently, on the back of abominable calls like this one by Marriner. What should have resulted in a booking for Ramires, is rewarded as a penalty and a point. Sunday League, that.

    Spot on DOOD.

  14. Fake Fnarf says:

    I am Fnarf, and so is my wife!

  15. Fnarf says:

    No you’re not. Mod, check my email address for confirmation.

  16. PingYang says:

    That was not a dive. It was neither a dive nor a foul. Anyone who watches Chelsea, knows that Ramires isn’t the strongest. He was on his way down and there was a coming together. He was off balance and ran into Reid. The referee should have just flagged the match to continue. Reid stood his ground and was not at fault. Ramires lost balance and collided into Reid. Simple as that. Was it a penalty? No. Was it a dive? No, it was clearly not. Comparing it to Ashley Young is ridiculous.

    I’ve been following Who Ate All The Pies for literally ages. Way back when Ollie was running the joint. To be honest, since he left the journalism has just been extremely poor. And with writers like Alan Duffy, it’s easy to see why.

  17. gehumbale says:

    This is a dive, Ramires just starting it earlier than Young or Suarez would have done. The blame should be put on the officials – and Popov, for giving the ball away…

  18. TravisKOP says:

    Ramires drops his shoulder to feign contact. Brilliant entry and a flawless finish

  19. sleeba says:

    Not a penalty. Not a full on dive.

  20. OhioNick says:

    Going down easily and conning the ref IS diving. Ramires is already going down before contact. It’s a dive. It’s cheating and it’s shameful.

  21. SAF says:

    is a dive! cheating Chelsea! jose is disgrace says this is penalty. talk nonsense! jose OUT!

  22. jimbo says:

    its contact in the box its clumsy from reid…..its a penalty…

  23. Chris says:

    He got caught wrong side and the angle hes coming into ramires it ‘looks’ like he impedes his progress.

    In Boolean variable terminology. Not street smart defending – true. Dive – true. Home team – true. Condition has been met.

  24. Haywired says:

    Ramires clearly decides to go to ground before any contact and makes sure he hits the defender on the way down.

  25. ramires says:

    lol i can’t believe there are people that actually believe that this is a penalty

  26. fñarf says:

    I thought that was a good call on the ref’s part.

  27. Tony says:

    “Well played Ramires”? “I thought is was a good call”? ” not a full on dive”? ” shoulder down to feign contact” ” Brilliant entry and a flawless finish”? ” he was off balance and ran into Reid”? AND my favorite ” conning the referee but not a dive”?
    God help our game of football !!! Went into the box in the last seconds of the game looking for any kind of contact and went down anyway before he was even brushed. A cheat and his manager defended that behavior. Disgraceful example of sportsmanship on every level!

  28. JohnG says:

    Ramires was going away from goal and with little chance of getting a shot in. He sees Reid coming towards him in the corner of his eye and decides to take the dive. Before he even reaches Reid, he is lurching forward, out of control, left shoulder first and look at him DRAGGING HIS RIGHT FOOT too! He knew precisely what he was doing. He was going down well before he even reached Reid. It was a premeditated dive pure and simple and a shocking decision from the referee. What stunned me almost as much was the reaction from Mourinho. How can he honestly stand up there and say that he’s watched the replay from several different angles and that it was definitely a penalty? Was he watching the same incident? At least Fergie had the balls to speak to Ashley Young about his antics in the box and yet here we have one of the world’s top managers defending a player who very clearly took a dive. Mourinho has gone well down in my estimation folowing this. What a clown. The FA needs to retrospectively charge Ramires and Marriner needs to publicly apologise to WBA and book an appointment at Specsavers! It’s sad to see how far Chelsea have fallen when they need to cheat to scrape a point at home to West Brom. People would have a lot more respect for Mourinho and Ramires if they were honest about what happened. What happened yesterday is sickening. The statements made by Mourinho and Ramires since then have made a bad situation many times worse.

  29. Brooklyn Red says:

    Since the influx of European floppers, The NBA has instituted retroactive penalties for players that feign being fouled. Futbol needs to do the same. It’s pathetic watching these sissies writhing around the ground. Man up !

  30. Geraldo says:

    He dived. He cheated. He conned the ref. So please, kindly desist from any further argument or discussion on the matter.

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