‘Who You Calling Done?’ – Ashley Cole Gets All Aggressive As Nike Launch New Tiempo V Boots (Photos & Video)

Chris Wright

12th, December 2013


By Chris Wright

We’re guessing this was all shot before he was dropped in favour of an out-of-position right-back, but here’s Ashley Cole getting all cranky and black-and-white in the promo video for the new line of Nike Tiempo V boots…

As you’re about to see, the new Tiempos have been accompanied by a new trainer, the Tiempo ’94, which takes its styling from the original Tiempo boot first worn by the likes of Paolo Maldini and Romario at the USA World Cup in, yup, you guessed it: 1994 (suggested further reading: Football Boots Pies Have Loved: Nike Tiempos).

Personally, we think they’re incredibly cumbersome and awkward-looking, but since when has our opinion ever counted for anything? Here, take a look for yourselves – click on the right of the pictures to flick through…

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The verdict?