Football Vine: Chelsea’s Ramires Produces Shameless Dive Against Derby, Fails To Con Ref

Alan Duffy

5th, January 2014


By Alan Duffy

Chelsea strolled to a 2-0 FA CUp win against Derby on Sunday and weren’t in need of any favours from ref Andre Marriner. However, midfielder Ramires did his best to con a spot-kick out of the official, diving horribly in the box. Marriner, the same ref who gave a penalty when Ramires dived against West Brom earlier this season, was having none of it this time, though. Once bitten, etc.

Vine: David Selfridge

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  1. Booms says:

    only one way to stop this s**t ban him for 3 games

  2. Rob says:

    Chelsea players don’t dive though according to their full of crap manager

  3. Jarren says:

    Makes you wonder what managers actually say to players behind closed doors.

    Do they say “go ahead, try and cheat your way to a penalty” or do they say nothing at all?

    Because they obviously don’t ban players from diving.

    In my eyes the managers are as guilty as the players.

    They would DEMAND their players stop diving if they really wanted it.

  4. SL says:

    Yet he still had the nerve to complain when the other player never got within a foot of him.

    Thats how ingrained cheating is in the players, he probably believes he should have got a pen because he thought he was going to be touched.

    Its quite simple, dont award pens if you arent 100% sure of it, they award them now if they arent sure if its a dive.

  5. Bomba Seven says:

    He should have gone down when he was pushed because that was a penalty. As for him diving, he didn’t didn’t appeal for a penalty, no call to the ref, no arm gestures, nothing, so maybe he just lost his balance.

  6. Fat Nakago says:

    Clumsy oaf!!

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