Jose Mourinho Calls Arsene Wenger An ‘Expert In Failure’ At Press Conference – It’s Getting Boring Now, Jose

Chris Wright

14th, February 2014


By Chris Wright

Soccer - FA Community Shield - Chelsea v Arsenal - Millennium Stadium

Several days after his “small horse/poor little us” schtick, Jose Mourinho has spent his afternoon delivering his weekly glib quip to the adoring press throngs crammed into the media suite at Cobham and, as is customary, he’s had a bit of a silly pop at one of his rivals in a bid to keep the nation nattering about anything other than his boring team.

This time he’s been ribbing Arsene Wenger, branding the Arsenal manager an “expert in failure” according to several of the journos in attendance…

Ooh, the old ‘eight years without a trophy’ routine? Nice touch.

We know it’s crap, you know it’s crap, Mourinho knows it’s crap – but it’s his stock in trade and will, of course, be taken and reported as gospel by the teat-suckling press at large because…well, because it’s Mourinho.

Lather, rinse, repeat…

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  1. foxy says:

    mourinho is the expert in stirring the pot of dirty water. when your team starts losing mr cool mourinho will slowly melt away

  2. Joe says:

    That’s a bit harsh, Jose. Arsene was an expert in failure, but they’ve lowered their expectations at the Emirates over the last few years. Now he’s an expert in the average also-ran.

  3. Al says:

    @ Chris – what he says is pretty accurate though no? If Jose was in charge at Arsenal for the last 8 years I would have no doubt they would have won several trophies, Wenger can’t even get a league cup in the bag, Arsenal are a show pony team of bottlers and since Viera et al left they lack fire and backbone. what other top team would it be acceptable to lose 8-2, 6-3 and 5-1 to rivals albeit over a few seasons, just couldn’t see that being acceptable or in fact happening at any other club (I can’t think of an example of any other top team who gets trashed like this more than once)

  4. Adebola Rowland says:

    Jose may say whatever he likes but giving Wenger the same money given to Mou at Chelsea and Madrid definately wenger will win more laurels than Mou did.Let him go to an average club with lean fınance and let see how good he is

  5. squiggle says:

    But Jose wouldn’t have been at Arsenal for the last few years. He’s not capable of building and maintaining a team like Wenger or Ferguson (or at least he hasn’t been so far).

    What he’s good at is managing already successful, very rich teams for a few years and then walking away. And he’s very, very good at that (although by his and their standards he failed at Real Madrid), but he’s shown no signs of being able to guide a team through a transitional phase like Wenger has.

  6. Ron says:

    I’ll never comprehend how people are okay going around being such colossal jerks. I’m upset if I say something that might anger one or two people. He’s okay angering thousands, or millions, of people.

    Weird. I guess we’ve always had kings and egomaniacs.

  7. JoeT says:

    Is he not right?? Any other Arsenal manager would have been sacked 5 years ago. For 8 years he has done nothing to be proud of

  8. Tom the bees fan says:

    dunno why everyone is always moaning about wenger. he HAS achieved exactly what his bosses wanted – champions league qualification every year while spending very little money. this means arsenal were able to build and pay for a new stadium. people should be happy with what they have got, try being a Barnet fan.

  9. Si says:

    If you watch the actual press conference, which is available on the Sky website, the comments do not sound anywhere near as harsh as the tweets suggest.

    He was responding to a comment that Wenger made that was a thinly veiled criticism of Mourinho, suggesting that if Mourinho does not admit that Chelsea are in the running for the title, he is scared of failure.

    Jose responded in kind and simply highlighted that (a) he does not fail often; and (b) Wenger has won nothing of note for the last eight years, suggesting that he would have been sacked by now if he went so long without a trophy. And he is right, isn’t he? Bar a few blips here and there, he is one of the most successful managers of the last decade and has won most cups going.

    Wenger poked the dog with a stick and it bit back.

    There is nothing to see here, that is until Manchester City destroy Chelsea at the weekend and Wenger pokes his head above the parapet again.

  10. Rob says:

    Swiggle, spot on!
    I’m not an Arsenal fan, but I can admire what Wenger has done, his teams have competed almost every year against teams with considerably more money. According to Mourinho Man City should win the league every year because of their money, so why should Arsenal win anything when they have 3 clubs in their league with so much more money than them?

  11. Neil says:

    Arsenal has qualified for the Champion’s League how many years in a row now? And with how much money/debt? Wenger has taken very little given to him and done wonders, developing young talents like Walcott, Ramsey, Chamberlain etc.
    Mourinho, the stinking tw*t, has simply walked into situations had millions thrown at him and done what any qualified Premier league manager could do. I’m sick of his stupid lines, his absurd accent, and the fact that anybody pays any attention to him at all.

  12. Chris says:

    U gotta say though with Jose he doesnt bite off more than he chew…time & again – he backs up what he says. Its always worries me when he starts making big calls because its almost as if he knows the outcome before it happens.

  13. Rob says:

    Very clever to deflect the draw with West Brom and West Ham from the “tactical genius”

  14. njas2000 says:

    Mourinho already won the Champions League with Porto and Inter. He doesn’t need to prove anything else. Wenger sucks and he’s afraid to go to another club and become a total failure, because if he does go to another club and fails then the jig is up. Arsenal is not exactly a poor club, so don’t bring up the money excuse.

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