Would you be sad to see Frank Lampard leave the Premiership?

Ollie Irish

19th, April 2007


Frank_Lampard_186833g.jpgFrank Lampard has admitted it would be ‘a great experience’ to play for Barcelona, again prompting speculation that he could be set for a move to the Nou Camp in the summer. Lamps is yet to sign a new Chelsea contract and is known to be an admirer of the Spanish giants – there were even rumours (wholly unfounded, we add) that part of the reason he played badly at the 2006 World Cup because he was pissed off that a move to Barca had fallen through. And Eidur Gudjohnsen has apparently ‘spoken of the wonders’ of Barca to his former team-mate.
So would you miss him if he left? Who else are you gonna shout ‘You fat bastard!’ at when he’s gone…

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  1. Andrew says:

    Where’s the “Don’t care?” choice?

  2. Dom says:

    Agreed. Or the “It’s fun to call him Fat Frank, but I’d also like to see him fuck off” choice?

  3. baldista says:

    ‘You Fat BAstard’…. Rooney and Robinson, obviously

  4. Timothy B. says:

    Pfft. Yeah, that’s why he played poorly at the world cup. Not because he’s a rubbish player to begin with.

  5. bryn says:

    can someone explain why everybody seems to hate Lampard? what has he done to upset you all apart from score 15+ goals for the last few years and helped chelsea to win the league!?

  6. joe says:

    Agree with Bynn. I really don’t see whats so bad about Lampard. There are at least a half dozen more annoying players who don’t get near the flack he does. Also, there are as many spoiled England stars who can’t reproduce their club form for England so why aren’t we ripping them apart on a daily basis as well.

  7. I heard his girlfriend wants to move to Barcelona. She’s Spanish after all…

  8. Patrick says:

    Let him go, it’ll force everyone in my Telegraph Superleague to think a bit more about who to put in midfield.

  9. Ollie, Pies Ed. says:

    I’d love to see how he’d fare at Barca. I’m not a Lampard fan & think he would struggle.

  10. Zac says:

    What a fat TWAT