Shit Lookalikes: Jose Mourinho’s Face Appears In Chelsea Fan’s Wonton?

Chris Wright

6th, November 2014

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By Chris Wright

Ladies and gentlemen, Pies can categorically state that we have a bona fide PHENOMENON on our hands.

First it was Wayne Rooney’s face appearing in his own knee, then Roy Hodgson in fried egg form, then Lionel Messi appearing in a woman’s shadow and now…dum, dum, duuuum…this:

Jose Mourinho’s likeness discovered on the bottom of a wonton…


Mourinho’s image was discovered by Chelsea fan Eddie Walter, who noticed that his wonton was a special one while tucking into a Chinese takeaway before the Blues’ Champions League tie against Maribor last night…

Now if you’ll excuse us, somebody at NASA really should hear about this…