Roy Keane vs Jose Mourinho? I can’t wait…

Ollie Irish

30th, April 2007


73376001.jpgJose Mourinho’s Chelsea still have three big trophies to play for this season but I already have half an eye on next season, when Jose will come up against Roy Keane. Oh. My. God. I can’t wait to see what happens when the two most charismatic managers in the world clash. Mourinho’s mind games simply won’t work on Keane. Sunderland’s boss is a man who spent most of his playing career observing first-hand the managerial genius of Brian Clough and Alex Ferguson – he knows every trick in the book, not to mention the advantage he has over Mourinho that he has done it as a player at the very highest level. From a dugout in heaven, I can almost hear Clough egging on his former protege: ‘Now then Roy, you teach that smug Portuguese prat a bloody lesson!’
And if Keane vs Mourinho is going to be great, just how fascinating will Fergie vs his favourite ever player be? That’s Darth Vader vs Luke right there, except with the possibility of Luke saying ‘Stick it up your bollocks Darth’.
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  1. Justin says:

    Keano’s f’ing magic….he wears a magic hat…
    I can’t wait to see Keano manage Sunderland in The Prem next season. He’s bolstering his resume for when the Man Utd. job opens up.
    Like it or not, the lad’s got a great shot at succeeding Fergie in a few years time – especially if he’s able to make Sunderland a mid-table club at the highest level.

  2. joe says:

    Let’s face it screaming at your side with that big vein popping out of his head isn’t going to work in the prem if he doesn’t get the cash to beef up his squad. I honestly hope he does put together a competitive team. It’d be hilarious to see him manage against Arsene Wenger too, no?