THE VOTE Would you sack Jose Mourinho?

71830659.jpgOne billion dollars, or whatever Jose has had to spend, and he still can’t win the bloody Champions League. And Chelsea surely won’t retain their Premiership title this season. Do you think Roman Abramovich will want to turn up in his bloody great yacht for this month’s F1 Monaco Grand Prix now that he’s the owner of club that can only win silly little domestic cups? No, he’ll be laughed out of the Cote d’Azur and rightly so. Who gives a shit about the Carling Cup in Monte Carlo?
Chelsea have said that they won’t sack Jose Mourinho, but that was before the quadruple disappeared into thin air. Do you think Roman and Peter Kenyon will sack him now? Would you sack him? [Photo: Getty Images]

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  1. joe says:

    In football terms he shouldn’t be sacked. He’s molded together a side which was ripe to become some sort of galactico wannabee. He’s made them a strong unit and brought two titles to the bridge.
    Personally I’m getting just a little tired of winning 1-0 every week off a deflected Frank Lampard free kick. I wouldn’t mind seeing a bit more of an entertaining approach. However, I really don’t want him replaced by some ex-milan or ex-juve man whose just going to play six defenders and bore us all to…zzzzzz

  2. Bart says:

    He failed to win the CL three times in a row !!!
    If he has still some respect for himself, he should go now.
    Anyway, even if he had win something sexy, i would want him to go, because I’m really fed up with all the bullshit that came out of his dirty mouth during his stay in England.
    I think he will go back to Southern Europe with his pet Didier Drogba (to Marseilles or Madrid), and I definitely will NOT miss them