New Chelsea 2015/16 Home, Away & Third Kits Leaked All Over The Place (Photos)

Chris Wright

15th, June 2015


By Chris Wright

When it comes to your club’s new togs for the new season, there really aren’t any surprises any more thanks to the pre-launch leakage*.

It truly is a joyous time to be alive and we have the internet to thank for that. Thanks internet. Thinternet.

Anyway, compliments of social media, here’s the entire bundle of new Chelsea outfield kits for 2015/16; home, away and third – complete with new sponsor, Yokohama tyres…


Away and third…


Kit leaking. It’s industrial espionage on the lowest scale possible and now we’re just a cog in the filthy machinery.

Oh, and word is the home socks will be blue for the first time since 1992, so that’s nice.

(Photos: thechelseaway/Instagram)

*Gentlemen, if you suffer from pre-launch leakage there are people, specialists, you can talk to. You needn’t suffer in silence any longer.