Premiership review: Arsenal 1-1 Chelsea

Yesterday’s crunch game at the Emirates was absorbing, if only to watch Chelsea’s grip on the Premiership title finally relax – they’ve been bravely hanging on with one hand to the edge of a cliff for several months now. A team with a lesser manager than Jose Mourinho would have capitulated long ago, so I give the Blues my respect for pushing Man Utd almost all the way. Goals were scored by Gilberto and Essien (what a wonderful cross by SWP).
Arsenal’s fans seemed happy enough that they had prevented Chelsea from winning the title, but that’s a small crumb of comfort to take from a poor season. The Arse had a great chance to beat Chelsea yesterday but couldn’t even do that against 10 men at home, so if I was a Gooner I wouldn’t take too much delight in Chelsea losing their crown. Okay, just a bit maybe.
Click below to watch Mourinho’s remarkable reaction to the final whistle…

You can totally see why Chelsea’s players love Jose and love playing for him. He’s the sort of manager who inspires loyalty through his actions.
[Photo: Getty Images]

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  1. Adam says:

    If Arsenal had been able to finish at all this season, they’d have been up there challenging Man Utd and Chelsea all the way. Considering the awfulness of their finishing, it’s pretty impressive that they managed to finish 4th (maybe 3rd depending what happens next week).
    If I were Arsene Wenger, I’d forego passing training and spend the entire summer having the players learn to shoot again. No supper for them unless they can score 10 crosses in a row.

  2. cole says:

    i think the arsenal players could learn a thing or two from the ladies. a well earned quadruple for the lady gunners. va va voom!

  3. bryn says:

    just to let you know, you cant watch that video

  4. Jose Mourinhos Mutter says:

    The video link is broken. :(

  5. Lew says:

    I’m really pleased with 4th (which may yet be 3rd). To have had a frankly woeful season by our standards and still finish with a chance of another crack at the Champions League is remarkable. Wenger’s next two signings should be a cow’s arse and a banjo!

  6. Emma says:

    I was gutted for Chelsea, absolutely gutted. They fought like kings.
    But more importantly, where did you get that image of JT, Jose and Lamps? I love it, and it’s so huge! I love that image!
    So, I’m asking: where do you get your football pics?

  7. Ollie, Pies Ed. says:

    Emma, we get our pics from Getty Images.
    cheers, Ollie

  8. Emma says:

    Thanks Ollie. I realised that after I stupidly wrote my comment, because I recognised the stream of numbers as very gettyesque. Plus, I saw this image on getty yesterday, just with the watermark across it.
    Maybe one day I’ll have a getty account and then no more watermarks for me!