Notorious Skinflint Chelsea Boss Jose Mourinho Claims Big-Spending Rivals are ‘Buying The Title’ (Video)

Alan Duffy

26th, July 2015


By Alan Duffy

Never one to let a lack of self-awareness get in the way of a good pop at a rival, Chelsea boss Jose Mourinho has spoken of how the Blues’ Premier League rivals are all “buying the title”.

Mourinho made his comments after his side had beaten PSG on penalties in their International Champions Cup clash in North Carolina.

Not renowned for his penny-pinching regime at Stamford Bridge, the Portuguese coach’s comments, aimed at big-spending Man City, Man Utd and Liverpool, can either be taken as a cheeky bit of ironic banter or as a bizarrely hypocritical outburst…

To be fair to the man himself, he does acknowledge that Chelsea themselves did indeed ‘buy the title’ when Roman Abramovich took over at Stamford Bridge.

However, stating that his club will fight these cash-happy rivals “even without the big investment” is a bit silly considering the amount splashed out on the likes of Diego Costa, Cesc Fabregas and Juan Cuadrado since Mourinho returned to west London.

However, one thing is for sure, the comments will definitely get a few of his many ‘haters’ hot under the collar.

(Video: ECFC)

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  1. SA says:

    was anyone’s in the room With him

  2. Dave says:

    Which is precisely the reaction he wants… He is an attention seeker..I’m not a “hater” by the way though he’s not my fave person either.

  3. Adil says:

    Chelsea ‘bought’ the title – Man Utd did too back in those years. Giggs and Scholes were about, sure. But other than that it was Tevez £25m, Rooney £25m, Berbs £30m, Nani/Anderson £35m, Hargreaves £20m, Ferdinand £30m, Carrick £20m plus others in those 3 title winning years after Chelsea.

    I always thought it was ridiculous that some Utd based commentators would level that at Chelsea. Everyone has been at it: City, Liverpool, Spurs and Arsenal. Some of those just didn’t quite get the title for the money they put in.

    PS. Some of my numbers might be wrong, but I think that’s about right off the top of my head. Also – I’m a LCFC fan in case anyone reckons that this is Chelsea bias.

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