Chelsea Post Bizarrely One-Sided Match Report After Comprehensive 3-0 Defeat By Man City

Alan Duffy

17th, August 2015


No-one expects football clubs to be totally impartial on their own websites, but Chelsea’s post-match write-up of their shock 3-0 defeat to Manchester City was bizarrely one-sided.


The Blues did rally after the break on Sunday afternoon but for most of the game the Citizens were by far the better side, not something you’d take from the report. Here’s a few choice paragraphs…

‘Two late City goals…. added some gloss to a final scoreline’…


‘Brutish aerial challenge’…


‘WWE-Style tactics’…


‘Very fine margins’…


You can read the full 100% unbalanced report in full here.

One wonders if the whole thing wasn’t penned by Mr. Mourino himself?


(Photos: Chelsea FC & Supersport)

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  1. One Man Went to Mow says:

    Didn’t actually see any lies or unthruths in there?

  2. Adam says:

    Oddly pathetic, even for Chelsea. Take your medicine, guys. You got hammered. What a bunch of babies over there. Geez.

  3. Giddy for Zelalem says:

    If I were being EXTREMELY generous to Chelsea I might, maybe, possibly say that it was an even second half but there’s no need to be generous because they were second best for most of the match. How deluded are Chelsea becoming? In the community shield Mourinho basically said that the same thing but any viewer with a half a sense would have bagged it as a fairly even contest which Chelsea dominating possession but not penetrating and Arsenal defending well and looking dangerous on the counter. And yet Lord Mourinho said the best team lost, lolz.

  4. JLBK says:

    And no mention of Diego Costa’s 4-5 dives and at least twice stamping players after late tackles with no punishment.

  5. SA says:

    I must have missed that game, the one I watched had Chelsie beaten 3 nil

  6. Knucklehead says:

    Very bizarre, It amazes me what constitutes as a striker recieving ‘rough treatment’ these days. I miss seeing a good physical battle between striker and defender. Everyone seems a little wrapped up in cotton wool to get their hands dirty. The challenge would have hurt costa no doubt but he’s a grown man! It’s good to see a player get a bit angry and fired up. Adds to the drama. Sometimes I wonder if the modern footballer (not talking about costa here just generally) Knows what pain actually is, I think they confuse any bodily contact for it sometimes.

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