Seriously? Arsenal Fans Boycott Costa Coffee Over Chelsea Namesake Diego’s Unsporting Conduct

Chris Wright

21st, September 2015



In the aftermath of Diego Costa’s much-discussed git masterclass against Arsenal on Saturday, hordes of narked Gooners have taken it upon themselves to right the pugnacious Chelsea striker’s myriad wrongs.

Costa’s relentless antagonism eventually culminated in Arsenal defender Gabriel Paulista being sent-off for (fairly meekly) lashing out at his man.

As such, Arsenal podcasters Our Lot In Block 5 are calling on their fellow supporters to boycott Costa and instead buy their coffee elsewhere until such point that the wrongly-accused returns from suspension…


Weirdly enough, it seems that some folks actually called it during the game…

Please, please, please somebody put us out of our misery and assure us this isn’t real.

If it’s kosher and not just an internet joke being reported as fact, then we really might be done with the entire human race.