Seriously? Over 61,000 Arsenal Fans Sign Anti-Mike Dean Petition In Wake Of Controversial Chelsea Performance

Chris Wright

21st, September 2015



Not content with stinging a Diego Costa-soundalike coffee chain where it hurts, thousands upon thousands of irate Arsenal fans have flocked to sign an online petition to prevent Mike Dean from refereeing their games in the future.

Dean has become the focus of Gooner ire after failing to discipline Diego Costa while the Chelsea striker busied himself single-handedly winding up the Arsenal defence for large swathes of the Blues’ controversial 2-0 win on Saturday afternoon.

Both Gabriel Paulista and Santi Cazorla were dismissed for the visitors, while Dean only saw fit to administer Costa with a booking despite the Chelsea man involving himself in a series of ugly scraps with several of the Arsenal team.

Two days later and the “Prevent Mike Dean from refereeing another Arsenal game” petition has now been signed by more than 61,000 livid Arsenal fans – just shy of the 75,000-signature target.

“Major incidents have occurred in recent and past games that show he [Dean] is inept at refereeing at this level now”, the petition page declares.

“The recent events at Chelsea versus Arsenal highlight this where two Arsenal players were dismissed while Diego Costa the opposition player made 4 straight red card incidents and was shown one yellow card only”.

Also highlighted is the time Dean appeared to ‘celebrate’ a goal scored by Tottenham against Arsenal back in 2012…

Bloody Arsenal fans. Wet blankets, the lot of ’em!

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  1. afc_fans_a_joke says:

    surely this should read “61,000 utterly retarded bellends think clicking a button on a website is actually going to make the FA bow to the whims of one club and ban Mike Dean forever”. (I bet these dumb fucktards are the same people who click “like” on some facebook ‘anti-hunger’ page and then wonder why people are still starving a week later).

    • Marimba says:

      Dean is an incompetent referee. Arsenal fans would rather he didn’t officiate their games. This is a first stage.
      Nobody believes the FA will take any notice because they clearly are completely illogical and idiotic. Dean now knows that he has to start to do his job properly and it’s quite possible that given that he now knows the strength of feeling against him, maybe swerve games involving Arsenal.

  2. Russ says:

    Oh aren’t we holier-than-thou this morning. No petitions ever is a good rule, but there’s also nothing wrong with free speech. Unlike the other idiot that posted here (and Dude, truly, how sad is your life with a post like that?) I’d say both sides of the story would make interesting reading: a statistical analysis of the obvious anomalies which occur when Dean refs Aresenal, and his own explanation of life as Premier League ref.

    • goonergimps says:

      It’s not about free speech, genius. No one is saying fans cant grumble. But you would have to be mentally disabled to TRULY think some mickey mouse online petition is going to do actually do anything to make change, especially on this issue. (Hows that petition to sack BR going? or to indroduce a video referee?) This is about 21st century idiots making petitions for anything and everything because it makes them feel special – as if clicking buttons online make any difference whatsoever. Does anyone even remotely think ANYONE at the F.A. gives the least flying fuck what 61,000 complaining football fans think?!… NO. next week another 61,000 fans of some other club will be crying about something else. The controversy is what makes the EPL fun. The fans showing their stupidy is what makes it a joke. (perhaps you should start a petition trying to ban people who think petitions are a joke?)

  3. Dafe says:

    When Chelsea win people are not happy but when Chelsea loose everybody laugh kwakwa hmmmm Arsenal fans should learn how to leave and deal with defeat. For the past 10 years Chelsea has been beating Arsenal its no longer a news Jose is Wenger husband. All this hullabaloo is nonesence, gunners fans cannot choose ref FA for match

  4. AJ says:

    None of this changes the fact that Costa is an absolute cunt. Start acting your age Diego, whatever that may be.

  5. Abubaker Mohamed Khalid Ali says:

    We don’t want to see Dean

  6. Z says:

    I know this referee for a long time. He has always been harsh for Arsenal, seemingly, he favors Chelsea. The incident against Totnham is disgusting. The atrocity continued and we have to do some thing.

  7. lotfy says:

    We don’t want to see dean again

  8. I do not want to see Dean again

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