‘Everyone Knows He Likes To Cheat A Lot’ – Kurt Zouma Gives Chelsea Teammate Diego Costa Glowing Character Reference

Chris Wright

21st, September 2015



Kurt Zouma has come out in support of his much-maligned Chelsea teammate Diego Costa as the fallout from the striker’s contentious performance in Saturday’s 2-0 win over Arsenal continues to…well, fall out.

Althought, when we say “comes out in support”, what we actually mean is “inadvertently admonish as a cheat”.

Footage of Zouma’s post-match interview with BeIN Sport is currently being stripped from Youtube like wanno, but thankfully Eurosport were quick off the mark in the transcribing stakes.

It begins with BeIN Sports reporter Carrie Brown asking Zouma: “Of course Arsenal will feel hard done-by, they will claim you should have had a player sent-off in Diego Costa but this is a player that’s famed for riling other players isn’t it? Are you surprised that they reacted in this way?”

To which the Chelsea defender duly replies:

No, we’re not surprised because we know Diego. Everyone knows Diego and this guy likes to cheat a lot and put the opponent out of his game.

That happened in the (Arsenal) game but he’s a really nice guy. We’re proud to have him, like the other players, and we’re happy to win this game today.

Costa is currently waiting to hear from the FA disciplinary commission as to whether he will face retrospective punishment for his conduct against Arsenal.

We’d advise Kurt Zouma to keep his character reference to himself in the mean time.

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  1. Grahamaphone says:

    Oh come on y’all, I get that this site has an Anti-Chelsea bent, but you have to admit that Costa was smart enough to realize that if he shoved his weight around enough he’d rile up the Gunner defenders enough to get them in trouble. It was the stupidity of the Arsenal players taking the bait that cost them the match, not Costa’s tactics. If they’d been smart enough to see through Costa, and ignore him, I suspect the match would have gone differently.

  2. Bruno says:

    This site is anti-Chelsea? hahaha, come on!
    Every year since 1942 they say Chelsea will win the league.
    I think this is more a anti-United website. If United win the treble, buy Ronaldo, Messi, Muller, Bale, Hummels and bring Sir Alex back, to Pies, still not a strong side. Prediction: Chelsea to win the league!

    Still a good website. I check everyday. Really good. Just the predictions…. it’s best to ignore / always wrong.

  3. Doooooooug says:

    This site is anti-everyone, get over it and enjoy the free content! Never change, Pies!

  4. Jarren says:

    Whoa, seems like Chelsea fans are a touchy lot.

    Unless you’re praising them, they come down on you like you’re pissing on their granny.

    Learn to have some thicker skin, the top are there to be shot at.

  5. JACK says:


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