“If They Sack Me They Sack The Best Manager This Club Has Ever Had” – Chelsea Boss Jose Mourinho Goes On Long-Winded Rant After Southampton Defeat (Video)

Alan Duffy

3rd, October 2015


With eight points from eight games and currently 16th place in the table, this was not the start to the season anyone expected of champions Chelsea. Along with the poor performances on the pitch, the controversial departure of club doctor Eva Carneiro has added to an air of discord at Stamford Bridge, with Jose Mourinho looking more vulnerable than ever before.

After the Blues dismal home defeat to Southampton on Saturday, manager Jose Mourinho gave an eye-opening post-match interview, in which the ‘Special One’ produced a seven-minute monologue which touched on his potential sacking and the penalty for the challenge on Falcao that never was, among other things.

Was this the beginning of the end for Mourinho’s second reign at Stamford Bridge?

(Video: HD2 Live)

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  1. GET JOSE OUT says:

    Ancelotti was our best ever manager, you pathetic little man.
    You are an embarassement.
    You think you’re bigger than Chelsea.
    You’re a joke who blames everyone but yourself.
    The players don’t want to play for you anymore.
    You sold Mata, Schurrle, Lukaku, DeBruyne – and bought Cuadrado Pedro, Falcao to replace them, you utter CLOWN!
    And you’ve destroyed Hazard & Fabregas with your antifootball.
    Roman – sack him and get Ancelotti back PLEASE!!!!!

    • niraj says:

      Ancellotti won just 1 premier league title and that too with the team built by Mourinho. When you don’t understand anything you are better with your dumb ass mouth shut.

  2. akinola rafiu says:

    I want morinho to be sacked wit immediate effect nonsense

    • Bay says:

      You are a dumb motherf***ker. Where the F were you when he won the league. Did you raise the sxtty smelly talk about Mata… Ingrate!!!! Taaaaa!

      KTBFFH!!! Mourinhomaniac…

  3. melvin morsay says:

    u are a stupid coah u most be sccked u sell mata debrone and somany others morinho u are a trator u have betraied the club

  4. Jarren says:

    My word, what a palaver.

  5. Jacques says:

    Interesting what you said about Dr Carneiro….. I would argue that this slump of form is an almost direct result of that situation not an independent event. Mourinho got rid of an extremely popular member of the camp in an ugly, drawn out, public way and I think he underestimated the effect that would have on his players mentally. But that’s just my two cents worth

  6. jimbo says:

    lol duffy we know you are making up all these comments with a fake alias

  7. Bruno says:

    I am tired of this guy complaining about referees and all that. We’ve seen it before. I hope he is out of the PL soon. Mourinho has two ways of working.
    1. He win everything in a easy league (Portugal and Italy) and leave the club as a God when he’s on top (Porto and Inter);
    2. He wins a few things but then start losing (Chelsea in 2007 / Real Madrid all the time), complaining about referees, the sun, the rain, the air, the doctor, starts to criticise players in public (too many examples to name) and soon he is out.
    To me, he’s a manager that can be very, very good for 2 years. That’s all. After that, the club must get rid of him or he’ll destroy everything. Everyone can see that after he leaves a club where he caused trouble, the club moves forward (Chelsea went to the CL final with A.Grant and won the title a few years later with Di Matteo – same thing with Ancelotti in Madrid).

    sorry for the grammar, my first language is not english.

  8. TravisKOP says:

    keep him on as long as you can. The worse he plays the longer he stays I say(s)!

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