Reports: Anonymous Chelsea First Team Player Admits ‘I’d Rather Lose Than Win For Mourinho’

Chris Wright

1st, November 2015



With results in the proverbial toilet and good form just a distant memory, it would appear that Jose Mourinho can now add ‘dissension amongst the ranks’ to his growing list of Chelsea worries.

As you well know, Mourinho’s listless side were soundly beaten by a mid-table outfit at Stamford Bridge yesterday and now, according to a report on BBC 5Live radio, it’s being rumoured that a first-team player confided in a journalist shortly thereafter that he would “rather lose” than win a game for his agitated manager.

This is all coming via freelance journo Dan Levene, who covers Chelsea affairs on a regular basis…

Which is shocking – if true, of course – and not to mention absolutely pathetic.

For the record, the quote seems to have been mentioned in passing on the radio and so far hasn’t really been picked up by any other major news outlets barring the Daily Mail and a smattering of other websites. Take that as you wish.

That said, this is how it usually starts…

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  1. Benard says:

    all those saying mour is da only one are our rivals.let him liv da club b4 relegation zone

  2. Joshhhh says:

    I must quote Fabio Capello here (I’m not a fan but he is absolutely right):
    “Mourinho burns out his players after a year and a half, at most two years. I had already heard it when he was in Madrid and now we have confirmation in London.”

    The thing is, Mourinho can’t handle defeat. He does not know how to get back to winning ways. He starts to burn out his players, to blame referees, etc. We’ve seen it before.

  3. Straight Dave says:


    I completely agree. I couldn’t have put it more eloquently myself.

  4. Anabelle says:

    I want this snake, saboteur, scumbag who is rigging our games to die by a firing squad. Then his body to be thrown in a pit full of hungry piranhas.

    I like the way Schalke dealt with these scumbags by kicking them out of the club. I wish Chelsea had the balls. Doubt they do.

  5. Chris says:

    They should start all over look to their enormous youth teams and make a decent new first team. maybe even using some home grown talent.. Take a few years off and start again….

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