Bottle Jobs And Gutless Wimps: Jose Mourinho Is Right To Feel ‘Betrayed’ By His Chelsea Players

Chris Wright

15th, December 2015



Having watched his Chelsea side slump to yet another Premier League defeat – their ninth of the season so far – against Leicester last night, a beleaguered Jose Mourinho told the baying press that he felt “betrayed” by the performance he’d just witnessed.

The loss left Chelsea in 16th place, dangling precariously just one point above the dotted line of doom after 16 games. Eden Hazard, almost the physical epitome of the Blues’ feeble morale, limped off with a phantom injury after half-an-hour.

Speaking after the final whistle, Mourinho was bitterly upset that his players repeatedly failed to snuff out Leicester’s attacking threat despite working on it all week in training.

I feel my work is betrayed. I worked four days in training for this match.

I identified four movements where Leicester score a lot of their goals and in two of the four situations I identified they scored their goals.

I went through it all with the players, you can ask them.

Asked how he plans to turn the rancid tide at Chelsea, Mourinho was equally galled.

My board, my club – I don’t think it’s right that I go to them and say these players are not good, we need to spend £50million or £100million or whatever, I don’t think it’s fair.

We have these players and it’s with these players we have to go. The players that are not performing well, they must feel attacked in their pride and their self-esteem and they have to do everything to get results in a humble way.

I don’t think in this moment they can feel they are top players or they can feel they are superstars.

They have to look at the Leicester boys and to feel these are the stars, these are the top players.

They have to look to Sunderland and Watford and say: ‘We are at the same level. I am not the superstar, I am not the player of the season, I am not the world champion, I am not the Premier League champion. At this moment, I am at your level.’”

Too right. Leicester were exuberant and resolute and got their just rewards. Chelsea’s team was and is stocked to the brim with too many players who, when it really comes down to the nitty-gritty, just don’t have the moral fibre to care enough to haul themselves out of the mire.

You’re not telling us Hazard was gravely injured last night are you? He plainly just didn’t fancy it. He hasn’t scored a Premier League goal in 19 games. That’s 1,675 minutes of nothing but lily-livered whimbreling.


Eden Hazard et le grande bottle-job

The Belgian wimp, Cesc Fabregas, Oscar, Diego Costa et al. They’d rather stew in their discontent for the next five months; pouting, moaning, playing with faces like smacked arses – all safe in the knowledge that some other major club will still happily snap them up in a heartbeat next summer. There’s a flimsy façade from time to time, but the heart just isn’t there.

The fact that Willian is realistically the fifth or sixth strongest attacking player in the Chelsea ranks and has been far and away their best player this season says it all. Attitude over ability.

With the situation as dire as it is, Mourinho should be calling this shower’s professionalism into question, publicly or privately.

Clear them out. Let the kids take their place. Ship them out at the first available convenience. Rip it up. Start again.

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  1. Bork says:

    It doesn’t help that Mourinho doesn’t improve players as a coach, his only skill is buying players at their prime and watching them decline. Chelsea have purchased and promptly sold plenty of up and coming younger players that inevitably go on to prove their worth elsewhere.

  2. Bob says:

    He brought it upon himself by betraying EC

    • Anabelle says:

      Oh spare me with this Eva Carneiro nonsense.

      If Mourinho mistreated her as you’re saying, and she felt oh so bo hoo persecuted, traumatized and demoralized by the Club and the manager to the point that she couldn’t return to work even when Chelsea asked her to return: HOW COME SHE WANTS HER JOB BACK WORKING FOR THE ‘MEANY’ MOURINHO AT THAT HORRIBLE CLUB?

      EXPLAIN THAT TO ME!!!!!!

  3. bert says:

    Spot on bob, karma.

  4. Martin says:

    I think this is what happens when you have too many superstars in your squad. They’re overly reliant on their talent alone to get them to the top. They don’t know how to use the necessary grit as well like squad players when their talent alone won’t carry them. People complained about the strength of Fergie’s squad toward the end of his reign, but maybe there’s something to be said for the Darren Fletchers, Michael Carricks, etc., who add balance.

  5. Rob Carey says:

    Apparently “He gets them up for the big games” so this weekend’s 6 pointer against Sunderland should be a good one.

  6. Giddy for Zelalem says:

    Jesus Christ Mourinho really can play all facets of the media like a flute. For a while know he’s refused to take any responsibility for Chelsea’s struggles and it seems like we’ve all finally bought into it. Of course HE’s NOT to blame, its the players, those pompous wimps, damn bottlers, damn cowards the lot of them! Are we forgetting that this group of players just months ago were strolling to the EPL title? I’m i to believe that in a few short months they’ve gone from EPL warriors to wimps because, why the hell not? Come on Pies, we can’t just absolve Mourinho of culpability here. If the players no longer show the same desire to fight for their manager as they did last season then its clear that Mourinho has lost the dressing room. Simple fact is, they don’t want to play for him.

  7. Anabelle says:

    Absolute disgusting behaviour from these players. Dock these primadonnas’ wages. Horrible people.

  8. taxi4jose says:

    I honestly can’t imagine any player particularly wanting to go out and perform for Jose. From the first game of the season he has caused rifts and divisions, often publicly slating his players and accusing them of all sorts – not to mention his bizare blame game of picking on referees or pitch conditions etc. Now he says it was ALL HIM (being the genius that he is) who raised his players to win the league last season, but when they lose this season, it’s all their fault. The guy is becoming more and more a joke with every passing week. I’d be very surprised if any player at the club wants him to be staying as manager, and I’d be even more surprised if he didn’t jump ship on his own terms at the end of the season and run off back to Madrid where he’ll have a decent chance of adding to his personal trophy count in a 2-horse league.

  9. no_way_jose says:

    Moanrinho is quick to say how much he loves Chelsea, that it’s “his” club and he “wants to work” but if the unthinkable happened and they got relegated, does any Chelsea fan honestly believe for one second he wouldn’t be moving on to yet another club?!… (Jose, not in the top league or champions league, with no chequebook to use – I don’t think so!!!)

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