Chelsea: Roy Keane Reveals Just How He’d Deal With ‘Spoilt Child’ Eden Hazard – No Prizes For Guessing…

Chris Wright

18th, February 2016



Roy Keane has revealed the precise manner in which he’d deal with Eden Hazard were he playing alongside him at Chelsea, and it shouldn’t come as much of a surprise to anybody familiar with the former Manchester United midfielder’s ways and means.

Keane went in hard on Hazard while discussing his questionable commitment to the cause – this after the Belgian winger had openly stated he’d be keen on a move to PSG the very day before his current club took on the French giants in the Champions League on Tuesday night.

I can’t understand these players, he signed an extension of five years only last year, when we saw how brilliant he was… and then he’s coming out with all that nonsense on the eve of a big game.

If I was a team-mate of his I would kick him up and down the training pitch. Some of the senior players have got to get hold of him. He’s a talented boy, but his attitude is like a spoilt child. It was absolutely ridiculous.

You don’t mind some players sometimes being moody, or having their head turned if they think they might be moving, but once you go on that pitch you’ve still got your pride.

You’re playing for your team-mates, for your club, for your supporters, for your family. You’ve got to go out and perform, and be moody after the game if need be.

Pretty much sums up Keane’s approach to football, to management, to life – not that’s he’s entirely wrong of course.

While we wouldn’t go so far as advocating unprovoked violence, it’s fairly obvious that Huffy McPrissypants needs a size 9 up the arse in some degree – even if it’s only a metaphorical one.

Let’s face it, Hazard left Chelsea last summer, in spirit, if not in body. The non-performances, the make-believe injuries, the early clock-outs.

He’s been a pale, washed-out holographic cipher of himself for seven months and it’s sad, pathetic and disappointing in equal measure.

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  1. If l have the opportunity to coach Chelsea I will not let Eden hazard go to any where for the rubbish is doing in the club

  2. StevoMrH says:

    is keano wearing leggings in that picture?

  3. Bruno says:

    I hope he does leave because he is too spoiled for the Premier League. What a wanker. He’ll never be as good as last season.

    Chelsea chose to buy mercenaries for crazy money in order to get instant success since they became a russian club to try to compete with the really big clubs, now they are paying the price. Lampard, Cech, Drogba, Terry, they are all (almost) gone and the club is left with a bunch of spoiled multi millionaire kids like Hazard to carry the club forward.

    You harvest what you plant. Now splash the cash again and get more mercenaries in.

  4. Ron says:

    What a cunt. I’d fucking smash a teammate if he said he wanted to join the opponent ahead of a huge match. Total asshole.

  5. P says:

    Keano is right, but what “senior players” do Chelsea even have?

    Within a year of shipping out Cech and Lampard, no Drog, and with Terry on his last year, is it really a coincidence Hazard is shit? Chelsea have no leaders left once Terry goes.

    Fabregas would be the most logical option, but he’s an even bigger Prima Donna tw*t than Hazard…

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