Ex-Chelsea Midfielder Michael Essien Recipient Of Harrowing Statue Tribute In Ghana (Photo)

Chris Wright

3rd, January 2018

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It’s been a long time coming, but Michael Essien has finally taken his rightful place among the Hall of Misshapen, Partially-Melted Heroes – the elite strata of footballers who have had dreadful statues forged in their honour.

A life-size tribute to the former Chelsea midfielder has been unveiled in Kumasi, Ghana’s second city, and by the looks of things, the artist responsible did so without having the first clue what a ‘Michael Essien’ actually is or does…

Photo: @addojunr/Twitter

“Yeah, just stick it down at the back of the carpark, near the gazebo. Next to the bins…”

We get that it’s supposed to be a stylised interpretation of Essien in full flight, but that face looks a little too much like one of Dr Who’s Robots of Death for comfort…

Sleep tight, Pies fans.

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