Police And Chelsea Launch Investigation After Moronic Fans Caught On Camera Racially Abusing Raheem Sterling (Video)

Chris Wright

9th, December 2018


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Both Chelsea and the police have launched investigations into allegations Raheem Sterling was racially abused during Man City’s 2-0 defeat at Stamford Bridge on Saturday evening.

The depressing footage below shows a small group of middle-aged Chelsea fans giving Sterling an earful while he collects the ball from behind the goal, with the pinkest, angriest man seen mouthing “you black c**t” as he screams in impotent rage.

According to Mirror journalist John Cross, the Chelsea stewards were quick to leap into action and deal with the situation (in the flimsiest, most pathetic manner possible)…

The most shocking aspect is the sheer brazenness. Those fans knew there’d be cameras on them and yet the racist gobshite obviously still felt secure enough to spew his idiotic diatribe at the top of his voice. Kudos for Sterling for managing to blank it out, or at least not being visibly wobbled.

Chelsea have since promised to identify the fans responsible and “take the strongest possible action where necessary” while the Met Police have also stated that they are “aware of the video” and are currently in the process of reviewing it.

Only the most severe consequences can suffice. This vile behaviour must not be allowed to become the norm at football matches again, or anywhere else for that matter.

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  1. Tim says:

    These people should be banned at the FIFA level, so they can’t buy tickets to any FIFA match, or, for that matter, play FIFA-licenced video games. Racists’ money isn’t worth taking at any level.

    • Carl says:

      That’s too much, mate. They must be re-educated and have a chance again, like any other people. A life ban is way too much, they didn’t kill or rape anybody.

      If you want to go that way, Sterling should have recieved a life ban already for diving seven times per match during the past six years.

      • Alfred says:

        I agree with Pol and somewhat disagree w Carl. I’m all for second chances (and thirds, if that’s what it takes). Re-education is the means to change the recalcitrant racists. If they can’t redeem themselves after two chances, then on the third offense, a lifetime ban is in order.

        • Carl says:

          Agree with you mate, but I think this is their first offence of this kind. I don’t know, I guess. Anyway, I would ban them for a good 2 or 3 years and they would have to go to educational classes for a few years too in order to enter a stadium again. Maybe even social services for back community or something like that too.

          A life ban will just generate anger. They’ll think, I’m banned for life, fuck it. What do I have to lose if I continue to be a racist?

  2. Pol says:

    It aways shames me to see racist idiots spoiling the beautiful game. Stamp it out!
    There should be a ban, followed by the chance to regain your ticket by paying for your own educational classes on respect. For repeat offenders the price of the educational classes double each time.

  3. Geraldo says:

    This is England.

  4. Carl says:

    It’s just horrible that it’s happening in 2018. But we’re talking about Sterling, not a human being.

    • An Historian says:

      Trolling troll is trolling….but I’ll bite anyway. If Sterling isn’t a “human being,” what exactly is he? Could you clarify your statement?


      • Carl says:

        He’s a diving machine of course! Limited edition. No heart, no soul, no finishing abilities… just pure steel diving machinery.

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