Madness: Man City Apologise For Playing Chelsea Anthem ‘One Step Beyond’ Over PA System After Thumping Blues At Etihad (Video)

Chris Wright

11th, February 2019


Embed from Getty Images

Proving once again that fun will not be tolerated in the Premier League, Man City have formally apologised to Chelsea for their mischievous selection of post-match music in the wake of Sunday’s tie between the two sides.

Swiftly after City had railed their visitors 6-0, the hosts played ‘One Step Beyond’ by Madness – Chelsea’s victory song – over the public address system at the Etihad.

The power play was warmly greeted by most right-minded fans on social media as an expert example of the football rustle. However, City’s top brass were reportedly altogether less enamoured.

According to the Evening Standard, “senior City officials” ordered the song be cut short and offered their immediate apologies to their Chelsea counterparts for “what could be interpreted as an act of gloating.”

That’s precisely what it was, and that’s precisely why it was so fantastic.

The Premier League: Where fun comes to die.