2020 FA Cup Final highlights: Arsenal 2-1 Chelsea

Ollie Irish

2nd, August 2020

One of the best FA Cup finals in the last decade? Probably. The most surreal? Without question. Empty seats aside, it was gripping from start to finish, and illuminated by the effortless brilliance of Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang. As a Spurs fan, I had no great desire to see either side lift (or attempt to, in Auba’s case) the trophy, but Mikel Arteta seems like a nicer guy (not to mention a superior coach) than Frank Lampard, so I wasn’t unhappy with the outcome. Neither was I rushing to watch AFTV after the final whistle.

Arsenal deserved to win, but Chelsea had absolutely nothing going for them – certainly not the referee – and What If merchants could claim the Blues might have won had Christian Pulisic (can we nip this ‘Captain America’ nickname in the bud already) not gone off injured. But he did, so there.

Also, tbf this was a pretty cool tweet:

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