The Great ESL Collapse: Chelsea and Man City pull out of European Super League with more to follow

Ollie Irish

20th, April 2021

The dirty half-dozen

It happened too late for them to come across as the good guys, but Chelsea and Man City have at least come to their senses and decided to withdraw from the absurd European Super League. There are also rumours that Atletico Madrid are about to pull out.

I’m pretty sure that the other four Premier League clubs will soon follow suit. They’ve been left with no alternative.

Vampires in Spain and Italy, such as Real’s vile creep Florentino Perez (of course he was vain enough to want to be the first president of this abomination), appeared to be driving the ESL anyway, and roped in England’s wealthiest clubs to leech off – the likes of Real and Juventus just weren’t seeing enough money from their own domestic leagues.

Chelsea and City’s withdrawal should now see the whole thing collapse like a house of cards. It’s dead in the water. Excellent, Smithers, excellent. But let’s not forget that they signed up for a closed shop in the first place. The Premier League should punish all six English clubs for even daring to go along with the charade.

I’m no fan of social media, but I’ve been impressed with the way the football community – if such a thing remains – has come together to drive back the ESL soul-sellers. That includes the players. Apparently several high-profile Chelsea players made it clear to chairman Bruce Buck in a meeting that they wanted nothing to do with the ESL. There have also been reports that Man Utd captain confronted Ed Woodward over the debacle, and Liverpool skipper Jordan Henderson is rallying his peers as he has done in the past – never forget that many, many professional footballers are also thoroughly decent people.

Football is in beautiful chaos tonight, then. Waste of skin Ed Woodward has reportedly resigned, and there are calls for the likes of Daniel Levy to do the same. Also, Derby County boss Wayne Rooney has picked a good night to bury the news that he’s a shit manager.

This will be remembered as football’s “I’m mad as hell and I’m not going to take this any more” moment. And boy, it had been coming.

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