Is Didier Drogba a ruthless mercenary or a decent professional?


17th, July 2007


WCHAM21806102048.jpgWhen he’s not averting civil war in Africa, the Drog is telling any journalist who’ll listen that he may or may not stay at Chelsea next season. He is quoted in today’s Sun as saying ‘Any strong economic pull can make me change my mind.’ In other words. if he got offered a shit load more cash, he’d put a money-shaped gun to Chelsea’s head and hope they match that offer. If not, he’ll leave.
I accept that the concept of loyalty is alien to modern footballers – maybe it always was, it’s just that there was never this much moolah in the game – but why does Drogba feel the need to play this vainglorious ‘Look at me!’ game, a game that we’ve seen Thierry Henry play this summer already?

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  1. Col says:

    Benni McCarthy would gladly fill that hole.
    I hate it when footballer say stupid things like that, they should be contracted not to create stupid rumours and put them self in any “shop windows” so to speak. Or get fined stupid amounts of money.

  2. whitebuildings says:

    We all prefer players to be honest, hard working, and not to hawk themselves around every summer. But to be fair, why should Drogba give a flying fuck about Chelsea and stay loyal to them? OK, if he loved the club and was born and bred in West London then fair enough, but he grew up in poverty in the Ivory Coast before moving to France. As long as players play well and commit to the club whilst they are playing then I don’t care.
    Besides the media makes all this tossycock up every summer. Can you imagine Drogba speaking of a ‘strong economic pull’???

  3. John says:

    I think most players would do what Drogba does. The guy grew up in Africa, in a French speaking country, he might not have known who Chelsea were as a kid, why should he be loyal to them, would Chelsea be loyal to him if he stopped scoring? I doubt it. If I was playing for a team I did not really care about and was offers millions more I would sure as shit jump ship and so would any of you.

  4. Col says:

    I’m not saying i wouldn’t move clubs for more money (Chelski are you listening?) but i don’t like the whole selling yourself to everyone.
    But i agree the media is probably to blame for it

  5. Prederick says:

    Where’s Option C, “A Buisnessman looking out for his best interests”?
    Why do we still hold Footballers, athletes in general for that matter, to this ridiculous standard in a sports world that is as much, if not more buisness than game?

  6. whitebuildings says:

    That’s pretty much what I was saying.

  7. Chris says:

    Good on him.
    It’s good to see a footballer be honest and admit that money is a massive influence on their career. Let’s be honest, it’s true for most players, but Drogba has the honesty to admit it.