The struggle between player power and the club


6th, September 2006

WilliamgallasSomething odd is happening in football. It seems that there is a power struggle going on. Players are trying exert some of their weight into decisions, and clubs are trying regain the power they once had. Two big stories this week prompted this. Firstly, the story of William Gallas and the ‘own goal’. Gallas wanted out at Chelsea, and threatened to score in his own net if he didn’t get his way. He’s apparently ready to sue the Chelski Oilers for that remark. This was obviously a case of a club trying to show it won’t be pushed around by its players.

To add to this strange moment in football, you have the claim that Andrew ‘Andy’ Cole was threatening to retire if his deal from Manchester City to Portsmouth fell through. Again, the club had its hands well and truly tied, and had to let the player go. Pearce is on record as saying "After that was suggested to me what choice did I have?", even though Proactive Sports Management’s (Cole’s Agents)said: "Manchester City had no offer on the table until very late in the 11th hour. When they did produce an offer it came nowhere near to matching that made by Portsmouth."

It would seem that this bizarre tug of war between club and player has left both side’s guard down, with the agents sneaking in to wrestle even more control their way. Of course, one of the reasons (apparently) for the transfer window was to take away ‘agent’s power’, but alas, they still seem to be calling the shots.

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