Why are Chelsea’s fans so crap?


19th, September 2007


Last night saw Chelsea’s first Champions League game of the season at Stamford Bridge (capacity: 42,055). Worryingly for Roman Abramovich, Jose Mourinho and all concerned, just 24, 973 fans attended the 1-1 draw with Rosenborg, a frankly pathetic turn-out for a club that claims to be one of the biggest in Europe.
Fans of Man Utd, Liverpool and Arsenal must be laughing at Chelsea’s inability to fill their ground for their first big European night of the season. Admittedly Rosenborg are no Real Madrid, but the ground was barely half full. I put this down to a combination of high ticket prices, nouveau ‘come lately’ fans and a less-than-scintillating playing style – of the big four in England, I’d much rather watch Man Yoo and Arsenal play than Chelsea. Hell, I’d rather watch Rafa’s Liverpool, who hardly set the world alight with their style of play either.
Come on Chelsea fans, it’s time to get behind your team and prove that you are genuine supporters.
More Chelsea news and views over at Chelsea Pies (if you can be bothered to click on the link)

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  1. Nicky S says:

    Indeed, this Arsenal fan was laughing at both Chelsea’s appalling performance and attendance. Don’t forget, Kenyon’s plan is to make Chelsea the “biggest club in the world”. Looks like the plan is well on course.

  2. Jim says:

    I remember seeing this a couple of days ago- http://www.chelseapies.tv/2007/09/poll_of_the_day_why_arent_you.html
    and thinking “I can’t imagine any other fans saying things like this”

  3. Richard says:

    Leeds will get more on saturday!

  4. andy says:

    refer to last season, wigan v arsenal 14,000
    much rather watch Huddersfield any day than primadonna crap! £40 your having a laugh! hahahha!
    as for leeds, when we play you it could be 35,000 for a league one match. there talking about it being a new league record.

  5. James says:

    I got a good laugh when arseblog pointed out that we got 38,000 for the FA Youth Cup semi-final.
    And Chelsea can only manage 24,000 for the Champions League.

  6. Chringle says:

    Why pay £40 or whatever it is these days, to go and see the dullest team in England grind out yet another 1-0?

  7. Col says:

    look at the attendances pre take over buy rich russian guy, compare to nowadays… Hmm…. Glory anyone?

  8. Dom says:

    They’re the fans that money bought. I wouldn’t pay £36 (the reduced price) to watch Chelsea either.

  9. With all the uproar about Mourinho leaving there was very little coverage of the fact that a mob of angry Chelsea fans forced representatives from Rosenborg to move seats after verbally abusing the visitors for applauding their own goal!
    Fleeing Norwegian dignatries
    I know you can’t tar all fans with the same brush but this type of thing would not be allowed to happen at Anfield or Old Trafford.
    Shame on the fans.