Jose Mourinho quits: What the bloggers say


20th, September 2007


56104388.jpg‘What a shocking end of an era. Who would have thought that the words “mutual consent” would ever cause heartbreak? And the timing couldn’t have been worse… Abramovich wanted fantasy football, but Jose was never going to fit into that mould. Trophies weren’t enough for the big boss.’ Chelsea Pies
‘You win the league twice and you get in the shit for not winning with exciting enough football. I suppose Mourinho will have his pick of jobs across Europe and while some will say the Premier League has lost a character others might suggest they’re happy to see the back of an egotistical, annoying, ill-mannered wanker who happens to be a very good football manager. No question Chelsea are worse off without him.’ Arseblog
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‘It is the trends of the game which have left Mourinho lagging in their wake. The elan of Manchester United as they retook the title will have confirmed to Abramovich that success need not always be bleakly attained.’ Guardian Sport Blog
‘We have to stop and give credit where credit is due – Mourinho’s reign as Chelsea manager in the last 3 seasons is an overwhelming success. He turned Chelsea into a formidable side and in the process revolutionised the Premiership – his accomplishments deserve a separate article, so all I’ll say here is that despite his antics I’ll miss Mourinho if he leaves the Premiership.’ Soccerlens
‘Mourinho had another three years on his lucrative deal as Chelsea manager and he leaves on a sour note having lost the Premier League title to Manchester United, although during his tenure he did win everything that England had to offer. Premier League fans will miss him when they listen to the managerial sound bites this weekend.’ A Funny Old Game

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  1. Nicky says:

    What a sad day for Chelsea Football Club and English football, I feel that Mr.Abramovich was too greedy in his need for European Cups, maybe he should have spent his money overseas, Jose gave Chelsea his all, they never lost a home game they won 5 cups, but this was not enough for Red Rom. To do this 2 days befor the match against Man Utd is a crime. so long Jose good luck

  2. tedd says:

    To say his departure is a disaster is to exaggerate without measure. Mourihno reinvented Chelsea FC into a winning image. He brought drama that while simpleminded folks will think repulsive, made the premiership (a sport-showbiz endeavor)more dramatic, eventful and pleasurable. He is a passionate person and he did not shield that personality from his team, his opponents or the press.
    Am not a billionaire…yet.
    I don’t know it feels like to be one…yet.
    But am sure this decision is certain to turn soured in the mouth of the Abrahamovic (i don’t care if i spelt if wrong!).
    I honestly can’t fancy out a new image of my Chelseafc without him. Gush!

  3. Kate says:

    Totally agree with Arseblog and Nicky. He’s such a great manager and I just hope Abramovich realize how much we’re gonna need Mour for this season…no other manager could fit his boots.