Shit Lookalikes: Jose Mourinho then and now

Ollie Irish

20th, September 2007


Granted he may have been at that age when his looks would start to go a bit when he took over as Chelsea manager, but Jose Mourino’s one-man crusades against referees, opposition managers and, well, pretty much anyone daft enough to get in his way have certainly accelerated the ageing process.
The focused man-of-action on the left promising to tap into a new Match of the Day viewing audience of middle-aged women when he swanned into the Chelsea job in July 2004. The little lost sheep on the right is now looking every one of his 44 years (and probably a couple of somebody elses).

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  1. Chringle says:

    Looks like he’s going to have a bit more free time on his hands now.

  2. Dan says:

    I disagree – I think he looks older on the left