Top 10 things we love about Jose Mourinho


20th, September 2007


1 The Shaddap Your Face song
Just a great impression from Gift Grub. Always makes me smile.

2 The Special One arrives…
For having the cojones to turn up in the country that invented football and announce ‘I am a Special One’. From that moment on, every football writer and fan alike knew that everything Mourinho did and said would be worth paying attention to.
yorkshire_terrier_pups_03a.jpg3 The Terrier incident
We had to laugh when Jose was arrested and cautioned, in May of this year, for obstructing police officers who tried to quarantine his pet Yorkshire terrier. Who wouldn’t laugh out loud at the mental image of Mourinho sprinting away from Chelsea’s player of the year awards, his long coat flapping behind him, and rushing home to Belgravia to protect his ‘untouchable’ pet. A priceless Mourinho Moment.
4 Wine games with Fergie
I loved the fact that Mourinho and Alex Ferguson were so damn competitive that they even extended their one-upmanship to booze: ‘The last time Chelsea came to Old Trafford, Mourinho brought a superb bottle so I’ll have to reciprocate with something pretty special,’ said Fergie. ‘I wouldn’t want him to be able to say that he gave me a better wine. I’ll have to think about a Chateau Latour or Margaux.’ Petty, yes, but also highly entertaining.
5 Being booed at a WWF live show
Jose tried to escape the glare of the spotlight by taking his kids to a wrestling event. Oops.

6 The ‘Best team lost’ excuse
Whenever a Mourinho team loses or even draws, you know that Jose’s well-worn ‘The best team did not win today’ excuse is not too far from his lips. He has to be the sorest loser in Premier League history. At first it was funny, then tiresome, then funny again.
7 Jose Arrogantio
Arrogantio – a surname that fits Jose so well…

9 The overcoat
A key part of the Mourinho public image.

10 His smirk/pout/sulk
Jose’s facial expressions are limited to:
The shit-eating smirk of a man who has 100% faith in his ability…
The smouldering pout of a man who knows he is fancied by millions of housewives (and Cheryl Tweedy)…
The sulk of a man who has just been robbed by a shit refereeing decision…
What is your favourite memory of Jose during his time at Chelsea?
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  1. Kipp says:

    How about the tongue out celebrations?
    The worried about bird flu interview…
    The naming the date he’ll win the premiership..
    The speech about how he’s thought of at porto
    oh josé it’s a pity you were at the new hearts

  2. Ollie, Pies Ed. says:

    All good shouts Kipp!

  3. Kipp says:

    Ollie, i didnt even have to think about the best i just picked a few that popped to mind…and they’re still the best eggs to make an omlette with

  4. Clayton says:

    So who wants him as the next England manager?

  5. Jimbo says:

    How about his sometimes insane goal celebrations, including telling a load of scousers to be quiet, and who could forget the trouser staining, on the floor, arms in the air one against barca? Yet another manager with a smidgen of character has been banished from the premiership, shame.

  6. Kate says:

    When we won two Premier titles in a row. But of course, the thing I’ll always rembember is the way he celebrated when Drogba scored that draw goal against Barcelona in the last Champions League.