Is Roman Abramovich paranoid?


26th, September 2007


abramov.jpgIs it me or is Roman Abramovich getting a bit paranoid? When Chelsea face Hull City tonight, the Russian billionaire will be guarded by ten bodyguards this evening in the Directors’ Box. Including himself, that makes a weird starting XI. Hull’s chairman, Paul Duffen, told The Daily Mail: “His security people have been in touch for the past couple of weeks and 10 of the 24 tickets we offer visiting directors will be taken up by security.”
It seems that Abramovich won’t have to worry about the queue for the pies either. Apparently, Abramovich only eats food that has been cooked up by his personal chef. “It is the only way to ensure everything he eats is safe. The fear that he could be next is enough for him to take every necessary precaution,” a ‘source’ told the Mirror last December. I know that Alexander Litvinenko gone done over by some Plutonium… but surely this is taking it a bit far? Watch out for Jose stood behind a newspaper with two eye holes and a poisoned umbrella tip…

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  1. Kipp says:

    Are you shockingly misinformed or was that a poor pun or something.
    Alexander Litvinenko was killed by polonium not Plutonium, you may just say ‘same difference’ but it matters a hell of alot to his family etc. Seeing as plutonium is a bit less discreet

  2. Anonymous says:

    calm down dear.. Does princess diana make you cry?

  3. Dan says:

    Definately mis-informed.

  4. mof gimmers says:

    I’m not changing it.
    If I had done my research on non-football related matters, then I wouldn’t have seen that genius comment left by an anonymous comedy genius.
    Mof Gimmers
    [Pies Inside Right]

  5. Security Officer says:

    The Portuguese Mob is very powerful in Southern England. Having revealed Jose’s plot, you should take the risk of having a contract on your head very seriously. Take care Mof Gimmers, they know your name !
    PS: who cares about putinium or whatever ?