Goal Of The Weekend: Didier Drogba, Chelsea vs Arsenal

Ollie Irish

5th, October 2010


By Ollie Irish

Breathtaking improvisation by the Drog. Few players could have scored such a goal, and that’s why he wins Goal Of The Weekend over the likes of team-mate Alex and Man City winger Adam Johnson.

Outstanding assist by Ashley Cole also worth a hat-tip. We take Cole’s form for granted, but what a fine player has has been in the last couple of seasons.

Camp Drog says:


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  1. gaptooth says:

    bad call – even fewer players can score goals like the Alex one – i mean it was a thunderbolt

    didnt joe cole score an identical goal to drogba’s in the game against man u last year

  2. dave says:

    fully agree with both points made by gaptooth…for me, alex’s goal was on another level from drogba’s

  3. CFC_Jay says:

    I say you cant compare the two goals…..DD’s and Alex’s goal where two very different pieces of skill, even though they are both equally a piece of genius! Give them both the goal of the weekend!!! :)

    Joe Cole’s goal last year was kinda simliar but he always had his back to the goal………DD did an awesome pirouette to get to C’ashley’s cross and finish!!

  4. CFC_Jay says:

    …..oh and did anyone else notice that Rameres ball that found its way to C’ashley seemed suspiciously like a miss-read pass to Drogba? oh well….alls well that ends well!! lol

    Chelsea Chelsea!!!

  5. J says:

    Anyone who’s every touched a football will know Drogba’s goal is much harder to accomplish.

  6. J says:

    That’s ever, obviously.

  7. Duke says:

    Show me video of the goal you think is better than Drogba’s. I’m betting we’ll be watching replays of that one at the end of the season.

    Alex’ was pretty spectacular, too, although I enjoyed Malouda hiding behind the wall almost as much as the ball going in the net.

  8. alex says:

    so if you’re drogba the ball just has to hit the back of the net to be goal of the week? buuull

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