10 people Frank Lampard might have been dedicating his goals to


18th, February 2008


Frank Lampard scored his 100th goal for Chelsea during their FA Cup win over Huddersfield. First and foremost, that vest must be minging because his 99th goal came back in December. Secondly, who was Frank making the dedication to? Pies hazards ten guesses after the jump.

1 Ronald McDonald
For fuelling the Lampard goal machine.
2 Right Guard
For making his shirtless, arm-lifting celebration possible.
3 Huddersfield Town
For being from a low enough division that he could finally score his 100th goal.
4 Joey Barton
For keeping him on top form by threatening to keep him out of the England team.
5 The man in Row Z
For catching most of his wayward shots.
6 Roman Abramovich
For overpaying him week in, week out.
7 Jose Mourinho
For making him a player capable of scoring 100 goals.
8 Elen Rives
For putting up with him parading round with that vest under his clothes for the best part of two months.
9 Nike
For inventing the Sport Pie.
10 Opposition defenders around the country
For actually scoring approximately 70 of the 100 goals.

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  1. chelsealova says:

    That is a really horrible thing to say about such a great person. Although your probly just jealous, coz he can play football and u cant. and he is not that fat eitha, u shud stop making fun of people coz dey are only human just like u, and u will not like it wen sum1 duz dat 2 u. get a life u loser

  2. dd says:

    u shud stop making fun of people coz dey are only human just like u, and u will not like it wen sum1 duz dat 2 u.

    Nice english

  3. ce says:

    He might be dedicating it to his mum.

  4. . says:

    Well not to the person who wrote this article as they are a jealous twat.

  5. Anonymous says:

    ì want blues to buy TORRES.

  6. Allwyn says:

    Dedicated to you Loser!!!

  7. frankfan says:

    this is horrible and disgusting!
    your talking about a man who is nearly in tears because he has just achieved an amazing thing on a personal level. maybe this was for his mum who has died or his dad or daughters or even his fans all things meaningful to him!
    leave him be!
    he is an incrible man, who does not need your disrespect and rudeness.

  8. Rob says:

    Whoever wrote this is a total twat! Fucking cunt! Hope u get cancer!

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