‘I’m Not Relaxed And I Don’t Sleep Well’ – Carlo Ancelotti Bemoans Chelsea Slump

Chris Wright

6th, December 2010


By Chris Wright

With his side surrendering their position at the summit of the Premier League for the first time in eight months, Chelsea manager Carlo Ancelotti has admitted that he is losing sleep over the club’s current slump – a wobble in form that has seen them win only one of their last six games (their worst run of form in a decade).

After Chelsea’s 1-1 draw with Everton on Saturday, Ancelotti told the PA:

“I’m not relaxed at all and I don’t sleep well. I maintain confidence in my players. I maintain trust. But it’s not a good moment, not for them or for me.

“We have to stay together and not be searching to find out who is guilty. Usually when you have a difficult moment you want to find out who is to blame.

“It’s a moment in which we are all not doing enough to win games. We have to do more because this is the only way that I know.”

When pressed on his immediate future at Stamford Bridge, Ancelotti added:

“I’m not worried about my job. I know we have to play better and get better results. But it’s the decision of the club and I don’t feel pressure over this.

“Rather, there are lots of other things to worry about: we are not playing well or having good results, and we are no longer at the top of the table.

“In my career I have been through lots of difficult moments but I know that the way out of them is to stay together and work hard on the training ground. We still have the time to come back and play our football, to come back and be competitive in the league and in the Champions League.”

A mug of Horlicks and a cheeky Nytol and you’ll be right as rain Carlo, although I admit that an afternoon spent watching Salomon Kalou ‘try his bestest’ is enough to keep anyone awake at night.

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  1. Michael says:

    Abramovich, go find another toy. Chelsea, follow Leeds.

  2. Sleeba says:


    Abramovich, go find another toy. Chelsea, follow Leeds.

    If we followed Leeds, it would mean getting back Ken and his offshore
    banking business….er no ta. Chelsea is a very buyable club with a huge amount of assets and a worldwide fanbase. Like it or not.
    If the Russian buggered off, there would be a major clamour to buy the ‘Chelsea brand’. Me, I would prefer the pre-Abramovich days but minus the bearded twat of a chairman. Also while I’m at, Chelsea get rid of the silly banners around the stadium. I know they’re meant to look fan made but it’s so obvious the CFC marketing department have had a get together over skinny lattes and had a ‘Think out of the box’brainstorm. Idiots.

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