Fat Ronaldinho, still a half-decent player (with video)


3rd, July 2008

Lardy Brazilian ex-genius still has some skills

Fat-Ron, unwanted by Barcelona, showed he still has some magic left in his feet in a comeback friendly, against a Lionel Messi representative game. In his 56 minutes on the pitch, Ron scored twice, made two assists, and generally belied his chunky frame with a nimble performance. Black isn’t slimming though.
However, it was just a friendly (and a 7-7 draw at that) – but I guess it served the purpose of showing that the ex-Best Player in the World still can offer something to a prospective new club. He is only 28 and if he lost a few pounds and regained his ambition, most clubs in Europe would be interested.
Man City, Chelsea and AC Milan have all been linked with the Brazilian – of those three, I wouldn’t be surprised to see him end up at Man City, threading glorious through balls for Daruis Vassell to f**k up. Milan would only take another chubby South American if they were sure he was going to shape up.
Where do you think he’ll end up?

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