Sorry Chelsea, no Uefa conspiracy here

Chelsea’s sour grapes do them no favours
drogrant.png“The word conspiracy is maybe the wrong one. It’s difficult when players are so high on emotion after a game. However, people are saying we shouldn’t have reacted the way we did. But the fact is, six decisions went against us in front of 40,000 people. And for the ref to not give one of them is unusual.”
John Terry tells it like it is
OK JT, if there was some sort of conspiracy by Uefa to help Barcelona get to the final at Chelsea’s expense, then answer me this: why did the referee send off a Barcelona player (wrongly, too), with half an hour still to play? The red card shown to Eric Abidal, after Nicolas Anelka tripped over his own ego, should have put paid to Barcelona’s challenge – that it didn’t is testament to Barca’s (underrated) mental toughness; they could have crumbled, easily, but they passed and passed and passed some more, and finally they got their reward.

And, as I remember, Barcelona might easily have had two penalties at the Camp Nou, for fouls on Thierry Henry and Andres Iniesta. Hell, Michael Ballack shouldn’t have even been playing last night, as he was extremely lucky not to see red in Spain last Tuesday.
As Gerard Pique said after last night’s match: “Sometimes the referee is good for you, sometimes he is not.”
He’s right. It’s a cliche, but that’s sport for you – some decisions go your way, others don’t. Get over it.
I have no doubt that Michel Platini was desperate to avoid another all-Premier League final, but if he is trying to hinder the progress of English clubs, then he’s not doing very well. Three clubs in the semis for two seasons in a row, and now five successive finals featuring Prem clubs? That’s enough for Serie A and La Liga clubs to cry foul, not the other way around.
I do have some sympathy for Chelsea, because a) it sucks to be eliminated by a last-minute away goal, and b) they - I mean Guus Hiddink – got their tactics spot on. Barcelona were neutralised.
But it’s almost impossible to sympathise with the likes of Drogba, Terry and Ballack. These are experienced, professional players who should know better, but instead choose to behave like utter c***s (insert letters of your choosing). I understand that in the heat of the moment it’s easy to lose control of your emotions, but to behave with such a lack of grace and respect is an ugly sight. Compare Drogba’s rant with the dignified reaction of Darren Fletcher to his sending off on Tuesday. If Uefa now hit Chelsea - The Drog, especially – with all sorts of punishments, they only have themselves to blame.
I’m not suprised that many people feel this result is karmic. All those negative back passes to Petr Cech, followed by long kicks (yawn), added up to something. And if Drogba hadn’t missed his one-on-one sitter…

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  1. Kipp says:

    Ollie, take a peek at my comment on the drogba videos. And more importantly the time of it

  2. Ollie Irish says:

    Good skills!

  3. kathmcp says:

    Excellent analysis and commentary.

  4. Steve says:

    Spot on! Great last line. Drogba blame that one on the ref as well?

  5. Tommy says:

    I think we are all forgetting about the Essien clearance….had he booted it to midfield instead of giving a nice tasty pass to messi we wouldnt be talking about all this conspiracy….how can the same player that scored that beauty of a goal flub a clearance like that?
    Chelsae needs to stop with the crying…they lost to a better team, maybe they werent last night…but lets be honest…

  6. ph0bolus says:

    Abidal got sent off probably to try and rectify that idiot of a refs earlier mistakes…I don’t think I remember Iniesta getting a yellow for taking off his shirt…If he did he would of been out of the final.
    I know we should of won in regular time, but don’t sit there and tell me we didn’t deserve to get at least one of the penalty claims…Even Pique said it should of been a pen..and whatever you do don’t don’t don’t say that we weren’t the better team.
    Barcelona are one dimensional and overrated…They got shut down in the first leg and cried about it…If you hadn’t have gotten that ONE and only shot on goal you would of cried even more to the world about how we played negative football, but whatever with their backline pretty much suspended or missing Manchester United will take full advantage.

  7. Tommy says:

    All I am saying is that the fault is their own, not of the refs…and also, i am not a barca fan, i despise barca, i am a real madrid man….
    I just think the better team won…chelsea may have had a better night last night but overall barca is better…
    chelsea do play negative football, i dont think very many people dispute that…
    and barca were not good last night, that was easy to see…but why blame the refs for Chelsea not scoring the winner? there probably was a penelty in that game but the ref didnt call it…be a man and continue, dont act like an idiot like ballack and make yourself look foolish in front of the world…
    and the worst call BY FAR, was the sending off of Abidal…that is plain to see…
    and wont an united-barca final be better for everyone? an actual wide open game with people actually trying to score goals instead of a grinding defensive counter attack game…i think the world wins in this one…

  8. Frankie Fuxalotte says:

    Well said, hombre. Drogba, Ballack and Terry are c***s. And the letters I chose were U N T.

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