Didier Drogba says sorry for “f**king disgraceful” outburst

Chelsea striker apologises for sweary rant
ATT00002.jpgIn a statement on Chelsea’s official website, Mad Drog said:
“I was very upset at what happened during the game, but having seen the pictures on TV I accept that I overreacted.
“I also accept that the language I used did not set a good example for those watching at home, especially children.
“I regret that in the heat of the moment I let out my incredible frustration and disappointment in this way, and for that I apologise.”

Well, it should help his case when Uefa dish out the inevitable ban and fine.

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  1. Tommy says:

    hmmm….hopefully parents havent been encouraging their kids to look up to this idiot…well unless they want their children to be hugely talented but giant underachievers that love to dive and whine about refs…
    i guess it takes all kinds…

  2. murfmensch says:

    Here is the lesson:
    Badgering refs will unsettle them
    That can go against you.
    Chelsea needs to stop the tactical badgering. Officials should be allowed to expel players with substitutions for disrespect. I don’t care if an official is wrong. Act like an adult or leave.
    Besides, Barca were done no favors. Henry ought to have had a penalty in the first leg and Abidal did not deserve a red card.

  3. Ph0BoLuS says:

    Whatever…Children are going to be exposed to that sort of language sooner or later…People act like they’ve never cursed or something before..

  4. Tommy says:

    i dont really think that cursing is the issue…i think its more about the way they all handled it…
    very much like spoiled children who didnt get their way…

  5. Big Man says:

    drogba should have bashed the referee for robbing us of our trophy

  6. Big Man says:

    the referee is a fucking disgrace fuck you ref you fucking cunt

  7. kmcp says:

    Big Man, big anger problem, little cock.

  8. barca BIG Men,LIL COCK's says:

    DD reacted exactly as he should have,this was not simply ‘just a game’ it was a huge deal
    i don’t however agree that blaming the ref was entirely fair, chelsea where surprised in the last few minutes and that was such a huge shock that in the heat of the moment they needed someone to blame….and who better to blame than the ref

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