Video: Arsenal 1-4 Chelsea

Ollie Irish

10th, May 2009


Arsenal lose again, Chelsea bounce back

In the wake of Tom Henning Ovrebo-Gate, I thought Chelsea might suffer more when it came to this battle of the Champions League losers, but I was way wrong. Guus Hiddink’s team came to north London and stuffed Arsenal on their own patch, to cap a truly crappy week for Arsene Wenger. The result means Arsenal can’t do any better than fourth place in the league, while Chelsea are assured of a top-three finish. Indeed, Chelsea can still win the title, but they would have to win their final two games and also count on Wigan, Arsenal and Hull beating Man Utd (not to mention a poor finish by Liverpool too).
So, no silverware this season for the London half of the Prem’s Big Four, unless Chelsea win the (devalued) FA Cup. Both teams need new blood in the summer – Chelsea need some young talent, while Arsenal could use a bit of experience. Othewise neither club will catch up with Man Utd any time soon.

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  1. Kipp says:

    Ollie, is it not a Chelsea V Everton, FA cup final? Or are you predicting an Everton rout?

  2. Ollie Irish says:

    Good spot – forgot about the FA Cup. Shows how much it means these days.

  3. Kipp says:

    Well, when ITV get their hands on Anything it tends to be devalued. Have you noticed how much more you know about F1 this year. I’m sure the vampiric characters on ITV wouldn’t have patiently explained diffusers to us.

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