Chelsea fans, who’s the last player at your club you’d sell?

Ollie Irish

10th, June 2009


In the last couple of weeks, Arsenal and Aston Villa fans have voted to keep Cesc Fabregas and Ashley Young respectively. Fine choices both.
Today, it’s the turn of Chelsea. If you had to sell all but one of Chelsea’s players (to build an entirely new squad, say) who’d be your last man standing, and why?
Leave a comment with your answer, or vote after the jump…

I voted for Michael Essien. Naturally. But don’t let that influence your vote, oh no.

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  1. Lynn Larkpor says:

    I think this guy is the best man for the Roman revolution.He ability to score important goals has always eluded me in liking him.

  2. AlanS says:

    No Blackburn vote? I guess we don’t have anyone worth keeping really.

  3. Jordan says:

    stoch. upcoming talent.

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