Shit Lookalikes: Deco and Doug Robb, lead singer of Hoobastank

Ollie Irish

21st, August 2009


“I think their eyebrows don’t get on with each other,” says Oller of these two peas in a shitpod. Cheers Oller, good call. Incidentally, Hoobastank is possibly the worst band name in the history of popular music.
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  1. Burgers says:

    i hate hoobastank

  2. Trunks says:

    LOL I’ve always thought they look exactly the same

  3. M says:

    I look way more like Robb than this guy… In fact, someone just said that to me the other day when I was shopping, “you look like the guy that does that reason song!” (for the millionth time). It was even a running joke in a band I was in.

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