Football Irony: Fat Frank Lampard is the new face of government anti-obesity campaign

Ollie Irish

12th, October 2009



Of course Lampard isn’t fat, but the wholly unfair ‘Fat Frank’ tag refuses to go away, no thanks to campaigns like this (and idiots like me who bring it to your attention – yes, I know). I even heard Liverpool fans sing ‘You fat bastard!’ at Lampard in the recent league match at Stamford Bridge. Fat lot of good that did the Scousers.

And another thing: You see what happens when you front a campaign that sells your ‘finishing’ skills? You stop scoring. Typical.

Oh, and one more thing, as brought to Pies’ attention by David Hills @ The Observer: The FA just announced a new five-year sponsorship deal with Mars bars (!), to add to their existing McDonald’s deal.

Remember, don’t stray off message: help your kids stay fit by feeding them burgers and low-grade chocolate. When their old enough, give ’em a crate of FA-approved Carlsberg lager. Yay.

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  1. kathmcp says:

    Even the best finishers need someone to start them off??? Good grief. In the (paraphrased) words of Jamie McDonald (In the Loop): “Lampsy’s too old to go back to being a gentleman’s fluffer.”

  2. BFB says:

    Hail Mary bravo good sir

  3. Simon says:

    does anyone else find themselves unable to stop yelling out “THAT’S WHAT SHE SAID!” everytime they see a bus go by with this ad on?

  4. Lion says:

    Their? Are you having a laugh Ollie? For a man who makes his money spelling, that’s an Eastbourne Borough (elementary) mistake.

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