Your Call: Is Didier Drogba the best player in the world right now?

Ollie Irish

4th, November 2009



The Drog has scored 12 goals in all competitions already this season, and as much as it’s quickly become a modern football cliche, when he’s on form, he is practically unplayable.

Chelsea boss Charlie Ancelotti said after last night’s 2-2 draw at Atletico Madrid that he wouldn’t swap Drogba for any other striker in the world, and whilst that’s a fairly standard thing for managers to say these days, I can see where he’s coming from.

On Saturday’s MotD, Gary Lineker asked the two Alans – Shearer and Hansen – which forward they would favour out of Drogba, Fernando Torres and Wayne Rooney.

Shearer, who is a big Drogba fan, said Rooney, and Hansen, unsurprisingly, went for Torres. On current, non-sulky form, I’d have to choose Drogba. He is maturing into a real team player too, whilst his combination of raw power and finishing ability makes him a multiple threat to defences.

So yes, in answer to my own question, I’d go so far as to say The Drog is the best player in the world right now.

Do you agree? If not, who is in better form than the Ivorian?

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  1. megaman789 says:

    Hes not even in top 5 imo.
    I guess the 1 vote for the best player in the world is yours Ollie?

  2. Ollie says:

    Check again! Yes, I did vote Yes.

  3. NeilMac13 says:

    Torres > Drogba…..FACT

  4. Uwachishinkachakusunda says:

    I think if Drogba was anything rather than black nor African, the whole world would vote for him as the best. In my own opinion and based on the Chelsea, Liverpool game, Drogba is by far the BEST striker than Torres can ever be!!

  5. Ollie says:

    I concede that Torres is more stylish and easier on the eye, and a nicer bloke too, it seems, but Drogba has the edge, imho.

  6. ray says:

    I hate to say it…. But Drogba is the best at the moment, every team ll prefer to play Chelsea without Drogba.

  7. guest says:

    clearly one of the best if not the best in the world right now. there is always this comparison between torres and drogba. in terms of finishing torres is certainly better, but in terms of whole game play, drogba is way ahead. even when he is not scoring, he is assisting and dropping back at the defence. chelsea wont have got so far this season without him

  8. megaman789 says:

    Hmm… When I checked there was only 1 vote fro him and now so many. I’m surprised.
    2.Ronaldo(Screw you!!)
    5.Gerrard(If Biased, I’d want him at no.2)
    6.Kaka etc. etc. etc.
    Surely Drog isn’t better than any one of those.

    Maybe you could argue best STRIKER in the world but that goes to Torres for me

  9. Cullo says:

    hahaha your on a different planet if you think gerrard is the 5th best player in the world!!!!!!

  10. winn says:

    Drogba is the best. But because he is black or maybe African he will never be given that title. Also his attitude. I guess if black people misbehave they are done. While for others its passion and anger which probably gives them the edge. Its not easy being black on this planet and it will never be.

  11. Jennifer says:

    Megaman, gerrard and torres? LOL! Sums u up. Look at the votes, almost 80% reckon Drogz is the best right now and I couldn’t help but go with them. 12 goals and 9 assists in 13 games. He should walk the FIFA world player award but given his run-ins with FIFA and UEFA, I doubt it. Lampard and Fabregas have been fantastic too. No surprise about Lampard but Fabregas seems to have come of age. Wenger wants him to be their Lampard which is asking a lot of any player but he’s scoring and assisting this season much to the delight of Arsenal fans. Man utd don’t have a prayer, so too Liverpool. Elsewhere, Iniesta has been fantastic again this season but Drogba, by a long chalk, is THE BEST right now.

  12. chris says:

    yep for sure, the amount of assists he has got so far is amazing, when you take into account the no. of goals he has as well.

  13. we8yids says:

    lampard, drogba and torres are all amazing. lampard is hated but rated but in my opinion is the BEST

  14. amos says:

    for me drogba is the best striker in the world right now, he is doing very well and if he continue he can be the best in the premier league and europe… gud luk

  15. The Don Himself says:

    He may look funny to many, he may also anger with his antics…but so does a tsunami and my word the destruction is the same! Drogba is top of e world right now!!!

  16. Mulet says:

    Didier DROGBA is the very best of all right now (but the Ballon d’Or will go to Messi because he won everything in 2009 and was the key player of his team).
    on current form, Chelsea are on their way to a great double (Prem-CL)

  17. Zarif says:

    Completely agree with what megaman789 said. He’s bang on the money

  18. richy says:

    drogba is it!

  19. richy says:

    dider drogba is clearly the hottest striker in the world right now!
    i am a nigerian i love dider drogba . he is a deadly finisher . he can finish alone without any real support. in a game where drogba is marked out, torres will not even touch ball!

  20. deathgod says:

    drog is currently at the peak of his career.if u take a look at the games that he was involve in, he had shown to be able to get out of many tricky situation which i belive that the other strikers would bt be able to. i will not be suprise that drog will get the top scorer for this season as he is simply at his best.

  21. paddy says:

    only vermaelen can stop him

  22. eamogomez says:

    1 iniesta
    2 messi
    3 ronaldo
    4 xavi
    5 torres
    ps no drogba

  23. honus says:

    Drogba is simply untouchable right now. How in the world can anyone agree with Megaman789? Gerrard and Torres have no place on this list. Neither are playing at the moment. Even if that weren’t the case, Drogba’s current form can’t be matched by anyone else. I’ll give it to Nando, he’s fun to watch, but he didn’t even bother showing up to the Chelsea/Liverpool game the other week, so where’s the comparison?

  24. Ben says:

    @ The Don Himself – loving the analogy, though I wouldn’t say a tsunami looks funny to many…
    For their combination of physical prowess and technical ability, Drogba and Torres are almost unplayable at the moment. It depends what you mean by “the best”, I think Drogba might just be the most effective player in the world, but there are players I’d rather watch – Xavi, Messi, Pirlo, Kaka to name but a few.

  25. When Didier Drogba has got the bit between his teeth he is as good as anyone in the world. But the problem I have with Drogba is that he isn’t always mentally right and that has cost Chelsea in the past, in fact his attitude has probably cost them at least one Champions League title.

    Is Drogba as good a finisher as Fernando Torres? No. Does he have more of a physical presence and is he more of a handful for defenders? Yes. But if it came down to a choice between the two, I would take Torres because I could trust him to produce the goods time after time.

    Outside of those two, you look at Barcelona’s Zlatan Ibrahimovic. He has started this season sensationally, but we have seen him drift in and out of games in the past and he doesn’t have the consistency to threaten Torres and Drogba. Elsewhere, Real Madrid’s Karim Benzema is a player who could develop into one of the world’s best.

    Wayne Rooney is certainly among the best forwards. He has been moved into a more central role this season after the departure of Cristiano Ronaldo but until he scores 20-plus league goals a season, which he hasn’t done at Manchester United, he can’t be considered alongside Torres and Drogba.

  26. marean says:

    those of you who keep kissin barcelonian ass, let’s look a bit at the performances of the two teams, shall we? someone put 3 players from barca in his best 5, but they lose and draw with rubin kazan. wtff mate? drogba did more that those 3 alltogether this season, so be realistic.

  27. Mnak says:

    This photo exemplifies his style of play, and poor attitude. He’s got a terribly short fuse, whines more than any player on earth, dives more than any other player, and is generally a CHEATER. Watch him against Man U this weekend and count how many times he falsifies actions to try and get a whistle. It is atrocious.

    But sure, other then that, fantastic striker. He scores goals, he scores goals. I don’t know what some of you folks are saying about being a teamplayer, coming back on defence, and maturing. But yes, he scores goals. And at this point in time, he is scoring more then he deserves.

  28. Mnak says:

    Oh, and in case you haven’t heard about them.. Something interesting to take a look at.

    That is a link to the new ‘castrol rankings’. Which statistically calculate the performance of a footballer including his every second on the pitch. There is a video explaining how these numbers are calculated, and it is actually quite impressive.

    Drogba… #73 on the list. These rankings are subjective of course. I’m not saying they are some bible to go by, but still, interesting, none the less.

  29. o.c. says:

    drogba is far and away the best diver in the world, no question. moaning and bitching awards are also his for sure. he’s an ordinary player, he hasn’t won anything major, Torres is head and shoulders above him, the man’s a maggot.

  30. o.c. says:

    he’s even cheating in the photo at the top of the page!

  31. CFC says:

    Right now – yes, fact!
    Couldnt agree more with marean. Ollie was very specific in asking the question- “right now”. What has Messi (and barca as a whole) done in October-november? Nothing. I watched rubin – barca last night and messi was nowhere to be seen. Ronaldo, wtf, he’s not even playing right now. megaman789, zarif and eamogomez are all stupid idiots, who dont have a clue about what they are saying, should be doing their homework and not commenting in this blog, don’t listen to them!

  32. jewbear says:

    of course drog ia playing well at the moment but soon enough hell be sulking or injured and then well have to endure an era of him bein shite. the difference between drogba and torres curently is that drogba is recieving much better service and is 100% fit. if torres was if the ssame situation he would be doing equally well probably better in my opinion.
    ps think gerrard should def be in top 5 players in the world, and i dislike liverpool

  33. jewbear says:

    lampards shite

  34. jahglory says:

    to be fair , he’s the best ,the king ,the rambo,the montana ,the whatever u wanna call him , but just recognize greatness the man he’s the best & if he’s not on the top of your list then yourself need a reality check ……..

  35. colynzo says:


  36. Mr. Angry says:

    to anyone that says that drogba is the best…..


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