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Ollie Irish

8th, November 2010


By Ollie Irish

As much as we love the interwebs, we have often wondered what it would be like to do a real magazine made of paper. Well, we have decided to stop wondering and, to quote a large sportswear manufacturer, Just Do It.

We are currently working away on the first magazine issue of Who Ate All The Pies, which will be available both as a printed mag and an iPad magazine (a FREE iPad mag) in early December.

If you have an iPad you’ll be able to downaload it for nowt then. If you want the printed version – because you love us, or you contributed to it, say – then we’ll let you know how much it will cost and where you can order it from nearer the time.

As you beautiful people contribute so much to the success of Pies, we also want you to play a major part in creating the mag. Call it crowdsourcing, call it laziness on our part. Either way, please do get in touch.

We are looking for the following:

1. Feature ideas Got an idea for a great top 10, or a longer read? Tell us. You will be credited, and you may even get the chance to write it yourself. That applies not only to casual readers but also to those of you with your own football blog.

2. Matchday photos Take your camera along to any game in the next couple of weeks. Snap away. We’ll print the best photos in a photo essay that will appear in the first issue. We’ll also give away a digital camera as a prize for the best photo. So email your pics to us (, or upload them to your Flickr/Facebook account and let us have the details. We’re looking mainly for cool, colourful photos of grounds and fans, not action on the pitch. If you have already taken some cool footy pics this season, then please send them in too.

As I said, anyone who contributes will get their name in the first issue.

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  1. Rich says:

    do you have any interviews lined up? if not maybe start with an investigation in to the reason won’t win the world cup is because the english media are a disgrace/fifa threw their toys out of the pram because they got caught being corrupt

  2. Kipp says:

    Sabermetrics and Football: Can it work?

  3. Mike Hnatysko says:

    Two ideas for the iPad app magazine –

    Check out the Swiss Ramble blog. The writer does a great job blending finance and European football, covering all the major leagues.

    Ask the Yank feature – one actual real opinion from an American related to football and then one dumb reply to an overly British themed question, related to football or everyday culture.

    Good luck!

  4. Ben Stores says:

    Hi i am a third year Uni student at Sunderland University. for my project for one module i have started up a website about former footballers and where they are now and about their careers. I have a few interviews lined up however i have already published one article on former Sunderland, Newcastle and Everton footballer, Paul Bracewell. I would love to contribute these articles to your website/ magazine and you could feel free to edit it as you will.
    the website link is at feel free to check it out, in the near future i am looking to interview Tony Kenworthy. Richard Rufus and Gavin Peacock, who are both studying to become Vicars. i also have contacts of Chris Turner, Richard Ord, David Hodgson and David ‘Ned’ Kelly.

    Ben Stores

  5. Greg says:

    Hi Ollie

    I’ve always been a fan of this site and I personally know your right hand man Chris Wright. I’ve got a small amount of experience in football journalism and I would jump at the chance for writing for you. I currently run an art blog: but during the world cup I wrote reports for every game and I also occasionally write other stories about football. You’ll have to scan back a few months in order to see those stories.
    Also at the start of last season me and friends briefly ran our own football ball blog: It was fairly tongue in cheek but we had to stop doing it due to our ridiculous points system.
    I’ve got a few ideas for articles at the moment but I’d rather see what you think of my writing style. My email is Please get in touch.
    Thanks Greg Evans.

  6. eamogomez says:

    i haven’t got an i-pad yet so ye can go fuck urselves

  7. Baggees says:

    Good one..go for it

  8. Jon says:

    Like a national print magazine or order only?

  9. mooks says:

    top 10 short/ tall premier league players

  10. Ollie Irish says:

    Thanks for comments so far folks – keep em coming please! …

  11. Luke Dixon says:

    Hi Ollie,

    I have been enjoying the site for several weeks now after being introduced by a fellow Manchester City fan. With the midweek debacle in Poznan still fresh in my mind I think it would be good to have a top 10 wingers who aren’t afraid to cut in. Obviously this would focus on players who are specialists at coming inside on their stronger foot from the opposite flank.
    I have just graduated from a journalism course and I am keen to write it up myself. I have several other ideas so it would be great to hear from you.



  12. QueerAsFuß says:

    Curious if the print copy will be shipped Int’l? Or are non UK’ers SOL.

    And can we get Ollie to autograph it?

  13. Ollie Irish says:

    Aw, thanks Eamo!

  14. Ollie Irish says:

    Luke, drop me a line:

  15. Jack says:

    How about a comparison between watching Premier and lower league football.

    Just started blogging so i’d be happy to give it a go. As a Man Utd fan who rarely visits my local team i think i’d learn a lot from watching some lower league football. Might be nice to share the article with someone who’s never been to a Premiership game, and see what they have to say about it.

    Let me know what you think.

  16. Jesse Levine says:

    Hey Ollie

    One thing Im always interested in is the whole ‘aesthetics’ debate, personified by Wenger vs Big Sam. Arsenal’s pass-pass-pass style feels like “better” football, but why exactly? Is it actually better? If so, does a coach/team have some kind of responsibility to at least try and play a flowing, attacking, “good” brand of play? At what point do we say, “whatever wins games is the best football”? ..etc

    Some other topics id be into:
    -what does it mean to support a club when loyalty plays such a small role in the decisions of players, managers, clubs?
    -in a related note, does galactico talent always win out over intangibles that come with loyalty–collective spirit, time to gel into a system, players having telepathic connections from having spent so many years together, that sort of thing. What if a club was built around this philosophy– picked kids just from the local area, brought them up through a stellar academy, hardly ever bought or sold players (presumably most wouldnt want to leave). Could that succeed?
    -Kipp mentioned sabermetrics. i second that

    Id be happy just to sit back and read this stuff, but id definitely be up to give it a go myself too. Lemme know what you think. Keep up the good work!


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  18. Stuart Smith says:

    Hi I have just read that shortly you will be interviewing Tony Kenworthy. I am a good friend of Tony’s but I now live in Australia and I have lost touch with him.
    Could you please give him my email address and tel. number which is from the uk. 0061397739574 or could you let me have is number.

    Kind Regards.
    Stuart Smith.

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