Snapshot: Mayor Of Poznan Thanks Ireland Fans For The Memories

Alan Duffy

6th, July 2012


By Alan Duffy

Forget what comedy grump Roy ‘stick it up yer bollox’ Keane said, the Irish fans’ performance at EURO 2012 was worth celebrating, even when their team failed miserably on the pitch. And in gratitude to the Irish fans’ positive attitude and general friendliness, the Mayor of Poznan, Ryszard Grobelny, organised a little gesture of his town’s appreciation with this rather nice billboard.

I think the ‘i’ from ‘craic’ is hidden by one of the gaps in the billboard. Either that or they spelt it bloody wrong.

Anyway, if only the Irish fans could direct some of that enthusiasm in the direction of the League of Ireland.

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  1. plops says:

    Oh here we go again, out come the “best fans in the world” brigade. 3, 2, 1…

  2. Richard Dunne says:

    @Plops , jealous?

  3. Paul Green says:

    I’m a really good football player.

  4. Paul mcshane says:

    Me too we should b starting 11 fact

  5. plops says:

    @Richard Dunne Of what?

  6. emma says:

    they won us all over during that tournament. why not give them the applause they deserve?

  7. There's only one John Tierney says:

    In fairness, being able to put up with such crap football and still going mad for the team (despite the drink) is still good going. Don’t see other teams fans doing it as much. As for LOI, try being a Limerick FC fan in the 1st division! Premier League here we come :D

  8. poznan says:

    irish were awesome here though, good drinkin buddies

  9. Roy Keane says:

    LOI has nothing to get excited about. How about they restructure the league or do something to improve it and then we’ll see? Its bad enough supporting ROI when they are shit. Now you expect the fans to go out in the rain to watch Bohs and Shels and be excited about it. Bollox. They are awful teams playing awful football while showing no signs of getting any better. Every so often there’s a decent player who get poached straight away. Then there’s the gaa to compete with. Hurling is a far more impressive sport to watch and the players have plenty more skill. I dont think the people of Ireland have enough pep in them for all of it.

  10. plops says:

    How did they win you over Emma? Why do they need applause? For not killing anyone? I’m not having a go at them, they’re good fans – but so are lots and lots of others. It just gets a bit boring. The funny thing is, they love Irish football so much that they all go home and put their Man U and Liverpool shirts on. Apart from the chap above me it seems, ha.

  11. Micky says:

    to John Tierney, what other fans see crap football but still go mad for the team. No other teams do this do they not ?
    Never heard of Newcastle United Fans ???

  12. Jarren says:

    Aye the Republic fans put on a great show, they always support their team no matter what.

    I just wish Norn Iron would get to such a tournament.

    Hey, we beat Spain 3-2 in a Euro qualifier back in 2006.

    Halcyon days, I do admit.

    But what days.

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