Seeds Confirmed For Euro 2012 Draw: England Could Be Saddled With ‘Group Of Death’ – Spain, Portugal & France

Chris Wright

16th, November 2011


By Chris Wright

UEFA have just announced the seeding of the 16 teams that will be plucked from the perspex goldfish bowls of doom in Kiev on December 2nd, and they look a little bit like this…

Top seeds: Spain, Holland, Poland, Ukraine

Second seeds: Germany, England, Russia, Italy

Third seeds: Croatia, Greece, Portugal, Sweden

Fourth seeds: Denmark, France, Czech Republic, Republic of Ireland

Lawdamussy. Thanks to UEFA’s ranking-based seeding system, it looks like we’re due at least one good, old-fashioned ‘Group of Death’ in a fortnight’s time – Spain/Germany/Portugal/France anybody?

As for England, you’d have to suggest that being pulled out with Poland, Greece and (arguably) the Czech Rep would represent the kindest possible draw – though there’s a real threat of getting saddled with Spain, Portugal and France. At least we’d be going into the tournament with a ready-made excuse.

What’s more, with Ireland being placed in the fourth pot, it looks like they’re likely to be handed a stinker of a group ahead of their first outing at a European Championships for 23 years to boot.

Any thoughts on the seedings/draw/possible permutations folks?

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  1. Nick says:

    Group A: Poland, Italy, Croatia, France
    Group B: Spain, England, Sweden, Denmark
    Group C: Holland, Germany, Portugal, Republic of Ireland
    Group D: Ukraine, Russia, Greece, Czech Republic

    Group C obviously being the “Group of Death”

  2. Nick says:

    @Chris Being a Netherlands fan, I’d love to see how they fair in the toughest group, especially after losing to Germany yesterday and we all know what happened in ’06 between Holland and Portugal….

  3. Thrills says:

    Poland, Russia, and Greece? I’m sure Ireland would take that.

  4. McRico says:

    Group A: Spain, Italy, Greece, Ireland
    Group B: Poland, England, Sweden, Denmark
    Group C: Holland, Germany, Croatia, France
    Group D: Ukraine, Russia, Portugal, Czech Rep

    Group A: obviously being the “Group of Debt”

  5. Ireland fan says:

    So best case scenario ; Poland England Greece
    Worst case ; Spain Germany Portugal

    I’d fancy a chance in the 1st group but no chance in the second.

  6. tawashe says:

    @McRico That is absolutely hilarious. LOL. good one!!!

  7. tendon not is says:

    @ Mr. Rico Nice one but you should atleast mention where you copied that from

  8. gamblino says:

    What’s this with the Group B predictions for England! Why Group B? Are we more likely to be in the first half than the second or is it pure, old fashioned speculation? My trip to Poland is better placed for Group C and D!

  9. Mr. Sparkle says:

    I hope that England does poorly (as they usually do) so that the FA and the Coaching staff (whoever takes over next) can have no excuse to drop the whole Golden Generation from the line up.

    It’s time for new blood, completely new blood for England.

  10. McRico says:

    @tendon – Interesting – I now actually think they stole it of me? Will have to sue them for comic theft! lol

  11. Daniel Almeida says:

    Even in the “group of death” england can win it all,and i´m portuguese!

  12. Questionable says:

    Why is Germany in the second seed? im confused they qualified first, the beat holland what justifies The Germans as not being 1st seed material? and if its ranking based fifa is bat shite crazy if they think the dutch are a better team than the germans

    • Chris says:

      @Questionable: Germany would’ve undoubtedly been top seeds if the joint hosts (Poland/Ukraine) didn’t each get an automatic spot in the first pot.

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