‘I Didn’t Mean To Insult Neuer’ – Graziano Pelle Apologises To All Of Italy For Wretched Penalty Against Germany

Chris Wright

4th, July 2016



Graziano Pelle has taken the time to apologise to the entire Italian nation for filing a truly wretched penalty kick during the Azzurri’s Euro 2016 quarter-final shoot-out defeat to Germany.

Pelle’s woeful miss was made all the worse by his little display of hubris before the kick, with the striker instructing Manuel Neuer that he was planning to dink the ball down the middle by way of a cocky hand gesture. Safe to say, it didn’t pan out that way.

Having since realised the error of his ways, Pelle poured his heart out to Gazzetta dello Sport, issuing an “apology to all Italy” in an attempt to atone for his sins.

The “scoop” gesture? I did not mean to insult anyone. I didn’t want to seem like a blowhard, I just wanted to subdue him (Neuer).

When we looked into his eyes, Neuer didn’t even notice the adrenaline we had.

I’m sorry for those people who love me and for all Italians, I apologise.

The next day was sadder still. If I’d have scored they would tell me that I was a phenomenon and instead it went wrong.

My one positive of Euro 2016? When it began I was a nobody (in the Italy team) and now I leave feeling like I’ve arrived.

Bless his little cotton socks. It’s not really like he has much to apologise for, either.

The fluffed penalty aside, Pelle proved to be a great spearhead for Italy at Euro 2016 – excelling in that tricky, often isolated target man role and scoring a couple of important goals as he went.

Whisper it, but we think we’re willing to forgive him.

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  1. Jarren says:

    I don’t know about forgiveness. I think that you need to take responsibility when faced with a penalty situation in a national tournament.

    If you try your best and miss or it’s saved, well that’s forgivable. But to clown about, or to try something silly, it just shows a lack of maturity and indeed a lack of respect.

    Keep the fancy footwork and epic skills to the game itself, not the deciding moment in your country’s progression in a sporting tournament.


  2. Cristian says:

    I think a gesture made to relief stress and to distract the goolkeeper (with the sole aim to win) cannot be taken neither as a lack of responsibility, nor a lack of respect…

    For me as Italian Pelle is and will remain the one who scores two crucial goals in this championship. And that’s all!

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