Football Art: Case Jernigan Knocks Out Brilliant Retrospective Animation Of Euro 2016 Highlights (Video)

Chris Wright

13th, July 2016

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US-based animator Case Jernigan (@off_foot) is fast becoming something of a favourite here on Pies, having previously delighted us with his stop-motion renditions of Lionel Messi’s famous Copa del Rey goal, Zizou’s volley against Leverkusen and even the entire history of association football (here, here and here).

Well, with Euro 2016 now done and dusted, Case was commissioned by the Guardian to cobble together a suitably charming retrospective of the entire tournament – which he duly did with an assist from the chaps at the Make Savvy studio in New York.

Look upon it and weep, for it is glorious…

Cracking stuff.

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1 Comment

  1. JimJam says:

    Thx for the share.. quality!
    Love the emergent Roy Keane bit… quite creepy.

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